Tyler Pacture, or Meme, is a 13 year old boy. Meme is said to be hyper, and is a fan of most Disney movies. He is extremly friendly, sometimes being protective.

He is also in a relationship with Randall Boggs, enemies with Dynamic Rodiker, and best friends with Hyper.


Meme is based off his creator: He likes blue, he has brown/black hair, brown eyes, and has autism. So, Meme was one of his creator's first ideas.


  • Brown Hair.
  • Brown Eyes.
  • Blue Shirt
  • Red/Brown Shoes
  • 13 Years Old


Randall Boggs-Boyfriend

Hyper-Best Friend

Strider-Other Best Friend

Himself XD




Dynamic Rodiker-Main Enemy

Hannah Rodiker- 2nd Enemy

Maria Rodiker-3rd Enemy

Mr. M-Clone

Mr. R-Randall Clone

Noobs That Are Bad On Fantendo XD


Most Likely To Say: "Hey, people! What's up?"

Least Likely To Say: "DIE."

Favorite Food: M&M Ice Cream Cookies

Least Favorite Food: Salmon


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