Ive got myself a fucking life 003

current mel design

Bio: A young man from San Francisco. Mel is often teased about his height, but he honestly doesn't care. He talks, but it's never really positive.. One faithful day, he ran into the clumsy DSM who accidentally got lost on Earth and some how ended up being "best buds" with Mel, as they are both gluttons. (Mel eats almost constantly) She decided to bring him back with her to Irk, as he didn't actually care. And so he lives with her, miserably, with DSM and occasionally fights in the Arena. He tends to use his weight to fight against others, merely by sitting on them. ((He uses a holographic concealer to look Irken)). Mel's very emotionless, and is quite apathetic to the feelings of others. He finds DSM highly irritating, but hangs out with her anyway. Also, he only gets excited if food is involved. Often yelling, and pushing people out of the way to get food. He does almost anything to get a snack.

Most Likely to Say: "Don't care."

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