Name: Medli
IMG 1876

Medli with a completely uncharacteristic expression

Species: Human

Height: Same as DJ

Eye Color: Light Green

Hair Style: Long;Braided

Symbol: Plaid Pattern

Favorite Color: Green-Blue/Gold

Age: 14

Birthday: November 21

Gender: Female

Love Interest: None

Most Likely to Say: "I may not have a sweetest accent lassie/laddie, but I got a heart o' gold."

Least Likely to Say: "Get away from me!"

Physical Appearance

She had light green eyes, and very pale skin. She hears a long dress that touches the ground, with sleeves that cover her arms entirely. She wears a gold, striped shirt under the dress, and a gold ribbion is tied around her waist. Her most recogizable feature is her long, red hair. It almost touches the gound, and is tied with three aqua blue hairbands. It is also braided along the front.


Medli had always lived in Scotland, happy, and carefree. Then, her mother had gotten a new job, she didn't know why, or what the new job was, all she knew, was that she had to be taken from her wonderful home...She didn't want to leave, so she argued about it for a while. Eventually realizing that she had no choice, she sadly left her home, to go to America...


FJ Dask

FJ is pretty much the one of only boys she knows, and all she really knows about him, is that he's British, and that he loves to "make art" as he would say, out of her ridiculously long hair. She thinks he's very nice, so far, and likes to talk to him from time-to-time.


Medli despises Lym, due to the fact that he's always flirting with her, and just doesn't know when to quit. Medli, not really believing in love, simply refuses to let him get to her, and often ends up physically abusing him in some way.


Medli may seem very tough, hard, and determined when you first meet her. She is, too, but mostly, she is very gentle, and easygoing. However, she doesn't want people to use that to take advantage of her, so she masks it with anger, determination, and ferocity.


  • She loves everything British, especially Harry Potter.
  • She takes after her mother, and her father, by being exceptionally good at archery.
  • She's never gotten a haircut her entire life.
  • She was based off of the main character from the movie, Brave.
  • She doesn't believe in love, and refueses to have anything to dow with it, although, it is possible that someone may change her mind...

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