Name: Zie

Nickname: McKenzie

Race: Irken

Gender: Female 

Age: 9 (Irk) 90 (human) 

Height: a little shorter than Zim 

Born: March 26, unknown year 

Hair color: Auburn 

Eye color: Brown (both disguise and alien) 

Profession: Invader-in-Training 

Affiliations: Irken Empire

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Kenzie 

Siblings: Braide Kenzie 

Love interests: Delis (not my character) 

SIR units: Eleven and Eight 

Past life

Zie "McKenzie" is a young Irken, just out of smeethood. She was sent to the training planet Sdrib but never returned back to Irk. Instead she hitched a ride in a unoccupied ring cutter and took for the stars in search of other invaders in hope they would train her. 


McKenzie is spunky and energetic. She says what she wants, does what she wants, and acts how she wants with no regard as to what others think of her. She can be really sweet and sometimes really hyper. But there's underlying emotions she dare not express...


McKenzie has the normal green Irken skin, brown eyes, and a variance of the typical Irken invader uniform. The only difference is that hers is shorter and cuts off at the midsection area and turns into the ordinary black pants and black boots. Her uniform is black, lime-green, and pink. Mostly pink however since this is the color of irken inv aders. 

In disguise McKenzie has curly auburn hair tied up to the side with a single strand hanging down to her chin. She wears a black top with a lime-green long-sleeved undershirt, magenta shorts, and lime green slip ons. She fails to disguise her PAK which is gray with brown spots. 



Zim and McKenzie are like Master and learner. She looks up to Zim as a role model and wishes to be just like him. Zim just sees her as a fan that wants to learn his amazing skills so he teaches her how to do certain things. 


McKenzie and Dib haven't really met yet but since Zim hates Dib McKenzie has confirmed she hates him too.

Negative Elite

McKenzie thinks she's stupid for giving up her job as an Elite and refuses to be tought by her. Though she must admit the idiot does have good techniques. 

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