She has long ginger hair and green eyes. She wears a white shirt, a long white skirt, and red mary-janes. She also wears a white cross barrette. It isn't meant to represent the Christian cross at all, but instead to represent the white cross on the Danish flag.

My Five Nordic Characters

Matthias is the second character over, with her name printed above her in red and white.


She is a sensitive crybaby who seems to overreact about everything. She is quite mature, though, and she seems to fully understand what an awful place the world is becoming, despite the fact that she is only nine years old. She is always polite, and tries her hardest to not to let her shyness and her young age get in the way of helping people. She, unlike seemigly the rest of the population of Denmark, hates alcohol of any kind. She is also honest and hardworking, two more wonderful traits that she has.


  • She is my first transsexual character.
  • She is bullied by most people.
  • She is my first Nordic character.
  • Although she was born and raised in Denmark until she was four, she never actually learned the Danish language.

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