She has long blond hair and orange eyes. She wears a srapless red top, a medium-length blue skirt, and black tennis shoes. She also wears a red cross barrette in her hair all the time. It isn't meant to repr
esent the Christian cross at all, but instead to represent the red cross on the Icelandic flag.


She is rude, seemingly uncaring, and annoying. She enjoys teasing people, whether she knows them or not. Her anger, violence, sadism, yelling, and bullying usually masks her positive character trait. She is extremely hot-blooded. In other words, she is very passionate and very loving. Although she may seem very deceitful, she never lies and never denies the truth no matter what.


  • Her name isn't spelled the way it is because "Margret" is the Icelandic spelling of "Margaret."
  • Though most people who know her—especially Carin—claim that it's very difficult to bring out her hot-blooded-ness, it's actually quite simple to if you know how.
  • Margret's and Kjersti's personalities were originally switched.
  • She often times uses exclaimations like "Ríða þér," "Fjandinn þetta," or "Þetta er svo fjandans heimskur."
  • She is the only one of her creator's characters to have an undecided sexuality.

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