This character is mine, so do not use her without my permission.


I describe Maple as an extremely patriotic, tomato-loving, turtle-hating, pizza-baking Prussian-German tomboy. Kinda like me. Scratch that, exactly like me.

Maple has a fiery temper and is easily angered. She is extremely patriotic and absolutely hates the United States of America. She is most likely to say things like, "Germany is the superior country" and "There will come a time when Germany rules this world."

She enjoys hurting people, killing, and the pure suffering of others. She has borderline-extreme psychopathy and is rarely ever touched by anything. One of her the kids in her class could die and she wouldn't even notice. Heck, most of the kids would have to die for her to even begin to notice.

She is very open and unafraid to share her opinion to the world. She is not easily embarrassed or itimidated by anyone. Actually, she's the one embarrasing and intimidating other people.



She's so patriotic, isn't she? She wears glasses, btw, but I decided not to have her wear them in this pic. *sigh* She'd make a cute dictator.

Maple has straight dark brown hair and blue eyes. Ginger usually makes her wear dresses or other girls' clothes, but she prefers to crossdress. She wears rectangular glasses, but wears contacts when she's wearing her favorite outfit. She wears brown and black boys' tennis shoes and ankle socks.

Her favorite outfit is her black, red, and yellow striped shirt or her shirt that has "GERMANY" written on the front, beige cargo pants, and black mens' boots. When she wears this outfit, she wears her contacts instead of her glasses and puts her hair up in a ponytail.


Ginger~Ginger is Maple's older sister. She only wants to be a good older sister for Maple, and Maple uses this to her advantage.

Hazel~Hazel is Maple's older sister by fifty-seven seconds. Maple looks up to her, and she looks up to Maple. They are the best of best friends and couldn't get any closer. They have never fought, but they have teased each other a lot.

Sugarcane~Maple doesn't usually spend too much time with her. Sugar is always in her bedroom alone, practicing spells.

June~Maple met June through Hazel. They became good frinds within a day. They share the same hyperactive, annoying, irritating, insane, I'm-pretty-much-asking-to-be-shot-in-the-face-right-now personality.

DJ~Maple and DJ get along for reasons completely unknown. Their personalities are so much different and don't seem like they could ever mix, but they formed a good friendship quite quickly.

Shim~Maple hates Shim for hurting her precious Ita-chan. She blasted him with fire, which caused him intense pain, and then laughed at him because she was happy to see him in so much pain. But that didn't make her forgive him any.

Jon~Maple hates him, mainly because he's half American. He's also half German, which made Maple admit to herself that there was a such thing as a stupid German.

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