Name: Madora

Madora in Equestria Girls style

Age: 6 (Irken) 160 (Human?) (Sorry, I haven't made a OC page in a while.)

Species: Irken

Height: Slightly smaller than GIR

Gender: Female

Eyes: Bright orange (Irken) Blue and Brown (Human)

Hair: Black with orange streaks (Human)

Personality: Madora is a kind and gentle Irken, but is also very shy and timid. She loves making new friends, and she enjoys playing with friends. She's sort of shy and quiet when your first meet her, but starts to sort of get a bit louder and friendlier as you get to know her.

Appearance: Madora's skin is a bright green, and her eyes are bright orange. She wears a light rose tanktop over a white long sleeve shirt and wears a faded light pink skirt, light grey tights, and light blue boots. Her PAK is rose pink with white spots. Her antennae are curled over, and sort of have these orange dangly bits. Better explained in picture (coming soon!)

Disguise: Her disguise isn't much. She simply puts on a black wig with orange streaks to cover her antennae, uses peach body paint to disguise her skin, and puts on a brown and blue contacts. She thinks it makes her look mysterious.  She pretty much wears the same outfit.

Past: TBC

Relationships: TBC


Madora is sort of a magical Irken. Don't ask, at least until her creator gives a convincing back story to this.

Her creator was high when she made this character.

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