Name: Macard Cantill Jayoille

Species: Vortian/Atriuwn

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5'3

Weight: 132

Eye color: Black-ice blue

Hair color: Dirty blonde, messy yet even

Born: December 6

Parents: None

Most likely to say: "WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!"

Least likely to say: "Just relax."


Macard Cantill Jayoille is a very short-tempered teenager who, when put in a questionable situation, only sees revenge as an answer. He has bad anger-management skills and will most likely leave the roomfrustrated and strained. He likes to be calm, though and tries his best to stay mellow around his friends. He reacts outragiously confident with a hint of ignorance about him. Since he is hot-tempered he may come off as mean when you first meet him but once you get to know him he's funny, kind, and couragous.


He is a rebel Vortian who joined the Resisty at an early age for some unknown reason. What they believe the reason is why he was there was possibly because he was born there, though no evidence supports this since both parents are not present and or dead. When he turned fourteen he was appointed the Youth Commander of his squadron and became a head-strong, almost overly-confident leader. His ignorance has gotten his squadron in tons of trouble and he in even more. One day he decided he would just be by his own for a while and venture the different moons surrounding his new home planet, Atriuw. While traveling among the many moons that orbited his planet he noticed a particulary strange looking one and decided that would be the one he would visit. Come to see, his moon is our planet, planet Earth. When he lands on Earth he is instantly met by a human in which, he was not expecting to see any life on the planet, he blasted into smithereens with his laser-gun. After studying the now dead victim he comes up with a disguise and ventures out further onto the planet. Eventually he stays too long as when he goes back for his ship it is missing.

He now lives in the chat room, in the supply closet.

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