Meme walked toward his friends at the breakfast table. All of them agreed that it was Meme's turn to make breakfast today.

"Bacon, eggs, and pancakes! All served with proper order!,' said Meme. Hyper and Strider, two of his best friends, actually PAID Meme, something they always do to whoever is cooking breakfast for the day.

"Oh, good. Breakfast is ready."

Randall Boggs walked down the table, covered in a blue and green night robe. He looked very tired, as if he hadn't his cup of coffee today.

"Hey, Randy! I got your favorite: Coffee!," yelled Meme in random happiness.

"Good. I thought I would never make it to the table."

"Is that a good thing that your reading the newspaper? You almsot never do.," asked Zeel, one of Meme's friends.

" I don't care about anything right now! Diana is probably gonna come over and kick my butt again, so yeah!," yelled Randall.

Diana, "Dynamic" J. Rodiker was Randall's personal bully. Ever since 1st Grade, Dynamic had attacking Randall any way possible, from pouring student's own urine on him during their High School Party to leaving him in an ally after beating his butt.

"Oh, shoot! I'm late for work!," yelled Randall, Saying that made Meme realize...

"I'm late for Trumpet lessons!," yelled Meme, who tried to push past Randall, which only resulted in bumping into each-other.

"Do you mind, Meme?," Randall asked.

"I gotta get my Trumpet!"

"My JOB is more important!"

Soon, Randall fell to the ground. And when he did, he used one of his 8 legs to trip Meme.

"WHOOOOOOAH!!!," yelled Meme, as he fell on Randall.

What then happened was, well, destiny.

Meme's lip accidently landed on Randall's, which made them KISS!

"I THINK I'M GONNA BE SICK!!!," yelled Randall, trying to break free of the kiss Meme accidently made.

"Oh! Randy, I-I'm so sorry! D-Do you want me to wash your night robe?," asked Meme, obviously scared that Randall would yell at him.

"You better! Or so help me, I'll..."

Randall's sentence ended short when he started smiling, a look of pleasure on his face.

"You know what. Meme? Meet in my room after I'm done working.," Randall said calmly as he walked away.

"Meme...what happened?," asked Hyper.

"I think...I think Randall likes me.," replied Meme, a smile of happiness coming on his face.

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