"Would you PLEASE turn that Hyuman Noises down!" Zim shouted up to Miz as she was listening to her songs, upstairs, very loudly.

"It's called music, Buzzkill!" Miz shouted back.

Zim growled, frustrated.

"I don't care what name the humans gave it just turn it off!" Zim snapped, angrily.

"You aren't my mom!" Miz said then the music got louder.

"I'm not, I'm your ZIM! Now turn it down at least!" Zim screamed.

"Don't have to!" Miz said back.

"Don't make me get up there!" Zim threatened.

"HAH! Come up here! I don't care!" Miz teased.

Zim gave a angry growl and stomped over to the elevator.

When he got up there he knocked on Miz's door.

"MIZ! OPEN UP! IT'S ZIM!" Zim screamed while pounding on the door continuesly.

"Zim who?" Miz asked.

"HOW MANY ZIM'S DO YOU KNOW???" Zim said back to her.

"1." Miz said.

"Then let me in." Zim said.

"No, wait I know 2." Miz wondered.

Miz had plucked Zim's last nerve.

"MIZ! OPEN UP NOW! OR SO HELP ME RED! AGHHH!" Zim pounded on the door hard until suddenly the door flipped on him. He fell to the floor as the door stopped.

"Hey Zim!" Miz said.

"Okay, I'm gonna say this as nice as I can get right now... KEEP THE NOISE DOWN!" Zim screamed.

"Zim, the "noise" stopped about some minutes ago so you came up here for nothing." Miz pointed out.

Zim froze then started walking toward Miz's door.

"I'll be down in the labs." Zim said then shut the door.

"OH! Let me help you get there quicker!" Miz said then pressed a button.

"AGGGHHHH!" Zim screamed.

The door slamme into him from behind and barged through the floors until he made it into the labs.

"Thank you." Zim's voice, shakily, said from below.

"Welcome." Miz said, smiling largely.