Zim could not believe what just happened.

It all started with a simple walk in the park. Humans were getting dragged by random things, such as garbage cans, dogs were licking their own poop, and Invader Zim was taking his robot for a walk.

As he was walking, he could see GIR, his robot in disguise, trying the best he could do to be a REAL dog. However, he kept screaming out " MONKEYS!!!" to the world. GIR was as stupid as the humans he passed by.

Zim: GIR! Please! Just be quiet!


Gir then started shoved grass up his mouth. That was when the sadness began.

Zim then bumped into a young human girl, probably at the age of 11.


Zim gasped at what he saw. There, in front of him, was Tak, an old enemy. Along her side was MiMi, her SIR unit.

Tak was an Irken, the same race of aliens Zim was. GIR and MiMi were SIR units, Irken robots.

Tak: Holy Irk! Zim?

Zim stared in shock. He thought Tak was dead!

You see, Zim and Tak were enemies for a LONG time. Tak's mission was fakely taken by Zim. Now, she wanted her mission back. That plan yet failed. In the end, Tak was shot into space, hoping to be never seen again.

Tak: Zim! Answer me!

Zim: Eh? Oh, sorry TAK. I hope I didn't disturb your morning walk! Actually, I hope I did.

Tak: " mimics Zim." Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it, Zim. And yes, you DID disturb MiMi's walk!

Zim: Silence, filthy human! Now, how did you get back?

Tak: It's a secret.


GIR then starts chasing MiMi around Tak and Zim.

Tak: And that is?

Zim: GIR. You know, the thing that your SIR sliced the head off of?

Tak: I still don't recall. I'd bet my life you'd...

Suddenly, Tak's smile grew wider and wider.

Tak: You know, Zim? Meet me at Dib's house tonight. We're gonna play a little game of Chess...

More coming soon.

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