She has light blond hair, with a haircurl on the top of her head because I felt like giving her one, and purple eyes. She wears a blue half-shirt, a short red skirt, a white belt, and red mary-janes. She also always wears a blue cross on a necklace at all times. It isn't meant to represent the Christian cross at all, but instead to represent the blue cross on the Norwegian flag.


She is usually very serious, and rarely ever speaks. She is also quite shy, and has a hard time speaking in English around people she doesn't know. She usually seems insensitive, though she just doesn't feel comfortable showing emotion. She is very protective over her "sister" Margret and if anyone messes with Margret, they mess with her. She'd even turn her back on and completely abandon Vanellope if Vanellope was to ever hurt her, and maybe even if she was to insult Margret too much.

She also has a sense of humor, though she seems to enjoy wrong jokes the most, as she refuses to let go of the fact that Milz "came out of the closet" and brings up the fact that Vanellope want to "do it" with Brayden every once in a while.


  • She was originally going to be a guy, but her personality seemed to much better fit a female character.
  • I almost made her wear clothes that covered her whole body, but then decided to make her appearance not match her personality.
  • She was the second one of my Nordic characters.
  • Kjersti's and Margret's personalities were originally swapped.
  • She seems like she can't hurt anyone when shs calm, though on the rare occasions the she gets angry, her fighting skills are the equivalent of a viking's.
  • She sometimes dresses like the Norwegian vikings did, though she only does on the days that people really shouldn't mess with her.
  • She has magical powers. She also has goblins, trolls, fairies, sprites, dragons, and changelings of Norwegian myths ad fairytales.
  • She is Vanellope's adopted sister.

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