Name: Kiya

Species: Irken

Eye color: Pink and purple (Irken) Green and blue (Human)

Hair color: Black and pink (Irken and human)

Age: 9 (Irken) 90 (Human)


Symbol:Katia, Kayla Kala


Appearance: TBC

Personality: Kiya is a hyperactive, like her sisters, irken. She will do anything to make new friends and protect her siblings. She can get mean if needed. (TBC)

Relationships: TBC

Most likely to say: "Hey! Leave them alone!!" (When protecting friends or family) "HALLO! WHO YOU BE?" (On a daily basis)

Least likely to say: "Take 'em, they're no use to me..." "Go away!!"

Trivia: TBC

Pics coming soon!

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