Coal lay in the tall shadowy grass that grew behind HyperHQ,watching Pixie Rammi nom on a cookie,tryin not to laugh.The young girl that ran the place saw that Coal had liked hiding in all that grass,so she left it there.Once the tiny Irken Pixie fluttered away still nomin on the cookie,Coal sat up and streached his large wings out.He had no idea that a young red headed girl stood at the far corner or the huge building,watching him.She pushed up her glasses and shifted her weight alittle.Coal,hearing her feet shuffle,turned his head towards her.A warm smile crossed his muzzle. "Hey Elliot!" He said kindly.Elliot looked up on hearing her name. "Oh,hey buddy." A slight smile appeared on her face,though it quickly disappeared.The pitch black dragon walked over to her,his crimson eyes flickering like warm flames."How are ya?" Coal asked,slightly tilting his head,still smiling. "Okay I guess...." She muttered.Elliot shuffled her feet slightly and glanced at the ground. The younge dragon before her tilted his head slightly. "You okay Elli?" He asked. Elliot quickly looked up. "Um.....yeah I'm fine. I was...just wondering if I could try something...." With saying that she looked away to hide her slightly blushing face. Coal smiled warmly. "Sure. I guess you can." Elliot bit her lower lip and hesitated before she stepped towards the black dragon. She placed both hands on either side of his muzzle. "Hm?" Coal managed to mutter, when Elliot closed her eyes,leaned forward and kissed him on the muzzle.Coal went tense from the sudden contact, but soon relaxed and closed his eyes also. Coal's muzzle felt hot, as though she were kissing fire, but she felt no pain at all. It felt more like a warm but cool fire.She relutantly pulled away and opened her eyes, only to see that Coal had a thick red line of blush across the top of his snout, below his eyes. He also noticed that Elliot herself was blushing. Elliot looked unsure of what she'd done and wondered if she'd have done that. Coal slowly smile. "Wonderful...." He muttered, barely even audible.Elliot found herself smiling also. The still blushing dragon nuzzled Elliot's shoulder. She smiled and leaned into him.


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