Disguised and undisguised o3o

Kira in and out of her disguise

Name: Kira

Age: 150 (Human) 15 (Irken)

Siblings: None


Symbol: Skull

Love interest: Drace

Style: Tomboyish

Rank: Defect

Looks: Kira's skin is a very pale green. She wears a dark brown T-shirt, a grey vest, and a slightly darker brown skirt. She wears very dark brown shorts, and grey-brown-and-black colored boots. She wears a fingerless glove on one hand. Her antennae are sort of rough, and are red and black, as are her eyes.

Disguise: Her disguise is pretty much the same outfit she wears as an Irken, she just puts on a peach-colored powder for her skin, blue and green contacts, and a black wig with red streaks.

Personality: Kira is a very wild and violent Irken. She's always up for fun, or violence, or torturing others. Whatever comes first. Kira used to be a lot more wild and violent than she is now, but she's sort of toned down her violent ways a bit.

Most likely to say: "Hey."

Least likely to say: "Wanna go to the mall!?"


She once ate Zeel alive. 

She does end up with Drace in the future, and ends up having like 7-8 kids with him. wuuut?


More to come soon!


Liz vs Kira

Kira and Liz fighting to the death with chainsaws. Hyperhearts58 drew this.

Kira Wallpaper

Kira Computer Wallpaper/Background 12/06/2013

Pixie Kira and Leah

Really old drawing of Kira (and Leah) as Pixies


"Doof" by LMX 12/06/2013

United Irkdom by InvaderXeena 12-06-2013

United Irkdom by LMX 12/06/2013

Snack Time by InvaderXeena 11-06-2013

Snack Time by LMX 12/06/2013

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