Kiema and niow base

Name's: Kiema and Niow

Race: Human

Age: 12

Genders: Female

Eye color: Brown (Kiema) Blue (Niow)

Hair color: Gold, close to brown (Kiema) brown (Niow)

Birthday: October 12

Most likely to say: "Come on, be more like a girl, will ya~?" (Kiema) "Nothing much..." (Niow)

Least likely to say: "Push me in the rain, I'll love it and you, just try it!" (Kiema) "I love make up, dress up and wig's, why not?" (Niow)


Kiema loves make-up, dress up and is obsessed with wig's. She's a girly girl and loves nothing more then trying to turn her twin sister, Niow, to change into one. She also loves to dance and do funny random things. Niow is a tom-boy, loves hoodies, loves football and loves to do anything that a boy normally does. She tries to get away from Kiema, but ends up wearing make-up or a silly hat.

More coming soon!

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