GREETINGS, WEBITES! (Got that bit from iCarly XD) This is the Kick-arse Bases Cat Edition.

Like in the Irken edition, all I ask is that you please give me credit for making the base. ^-^

Against Himr(her)self Base

Against Herself (Or himself) Base (The items in red, you can easily turn to black or erase them if you don't want to use them.)

Cat Base

Anime (Or as close as I can get...) Cat Base

Chibi Cat Base 2

Chibi Cat Base

Chibi Cat Base 3

Anime Cat Base Ver.2 (This was actually the template of a cat OC I made in SAI. Feel free to get rid of the bandana.)

Chibi Cat Base

Chibi Cat Base Ver. 2

Love is War Base

Love is War Base

Refelction Base

Reflection Base

Vocaloid Cat Base

Vocaloid Cat Base

Deal With it Base

Deal With It Base

Shattered Base

Shattered Base

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