"Self destroyer, carnivore, paranoia."


Zim's body was slammed against the wall. The robotic claw surrounding his neck entered the house's walls, and it was inches away from impaling him from the behind.

"It was because of you. Where are my old eyes?"

"I...I don't know.", Zim moaned.

The claw tightened it's grip on his neck.

"Oh, Zim, Zim, Zim. You're so naive. While I appreciate the bullet shooters implanted in my new ones, I can still see out my old ones. WHERE. ARE. THEY?"

"Keef...why now? Why are you killing me now? W-Why not before?"

"Oh, so you WANT to be killed! I won't until you give me MY EYES!!"

Zim looked Keef in his robotic eyes. Only it wasn't Keef any more. It was the data chip inside the eyeballs, sticking themselves into his brain.

His brain.

"Downstairs...I promise."

Keef's robotic tentacle let go on Zim's neck, letting him drop to the floor. He had to catch his breathe and regain his vision.

"Zim, this was very helpful. But if your "dog" is downstairs, I won't hesitate to kill him."

Keef found the secret entrance to the downstairs area, and went to find his eyeballs. He soon landed in Zim's lab. Run-down, to say the least. But surely his eyes are SOMEWHERE in the lab.

He walked around the lab to search for them, crawling along the walls and ceiling if needed.

"Hi, Keef!"

Keef turned around. There, sitting on the floor, was a robot with blue eyes.

"You are the dog. You are Zim's, perhaps?"


"Ok. Say, wanna go tell your master to, ahem, GET LOST?!"


And with that, GIR ran off to the elevator to see Zim again.

"Good. Now that he's gone I can start searching ag-what's that?"

Above the lab were land mines. Set to explodes if any heat is detected. And there were thousands of them.

Keef was desperate. He uses his eyes to shoot the elevator to nothingness and crawled up the empty hole.

When he got up, he found a giant time bomb connected to the mines. It was about to explode, setting the entire house ablaze.

And Zim and GIR escaped.


Keef ran out of there, bursting down the door. In 30 seconds, there would be no lab. No house. No Irken equpiment at all.

No eyeballs.

He saw Zim across the street, holding onto GIR. He had green tears in his eyes, and his lips were quivering. Why?

Because his promise was going to be broken in 5 seconds.

He would be murdered.

And chaos begun.

The house exploded. Bits of lawn gnome and metal flew everywhere. Keef used his metallic arms to shield himself, but it was no use. He felt the bits of the house dig into his skin.

His eyes were gone.

The fire and smoke were still there when he woke up. Zim was still across the street, looking at him.

He had lost.


Keef ran over to Zim, robot arms raised. He pinned Zim down of the pavement, then drove his robots arms into his organs. His regular right arm slammed down on a button, and two of the claws ejected into Zim, drilling through him into his breath stopped and his eyes were wide open along with his mouth.

Zim was dead.

Keef looked at the one who took his eyes. His payback was over.

He looked over at GIR. He was sitting on a lawn, holding a stuff piggy, crying. He just watched his master and only friend get killed by an insane child.

Keef stopped. Why GIR? He didn't do anything.

Instead, he used his legs to kick Zim's body over into a tree, then walked off. The old Keef was gone.

"I have no use for human eyes. I must use these. I've avenged myself. Look who's the alien now, Dib."

And he left GIR to be alone.

"He lied to me. He shot at me. He hates on me. He lied to me. He shot at me. He hates on me. He's using me. Virility. Electricity. Afraid of me."

"Dead to me."


That took up my entire night.

Anywayz, what did you think? Comment below and give me feedback!

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