Name: Kayla

Species: Irken

Eye color: Blue (Irken) Orange (Human)

Hair color: Yellow and black (Human)

Age: 15 (Irken) 150 (Human)

Siblings:Katia, Kiya, Kala

Symbol: Computer


Appearance: Kayla's skin is a light green with a pale green tint. Her eyes are blue. She wears the standard Irken uniform, only in pink and purple instead of pink and red.

Personality: Kayla is a very intelligent Irken, and she can solve quick problems in seconds. Unless, of course, she is under pressure. She can opperate most Human technology, but she has a bit of trouble with vacuums and radios. And microwaves. Never forget the microwaves.

Relationships: TBC

Most likely to say: "Hello, how may I help you?"

Least likely to say: "Scram!"


LMX's grandma helped create this character.


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