Name: Katjaa

Nicknames: Kat (only to really close friends)

Age: Unknown

Race: half human half Irken

Eye color: White/grey

Hair: same as her skin (I guess her hair is part of her skin)

Love interest: none yet

More information


Katjaa has very light skin, lighter than it should be, with matching human eyes, which are normally greyish. She has hair but only towards her forehead and middle part of her skull, but her hair looks like apart of her skin. Her antennas look like huge scythe's, and her clothing is a huge red and black jacket, with a dark green shirt. She wears small shorts but it's mostly covered up by her jacket (so it looks like she has none on). 


She can loose her temper fast, and doesn't trust anyone, no matter what problem she comes across. She doesn't have many friends, and she actually wants to keep it that way. If you ever wish to become her friend; you have to please her. Greatly. Her interests are mostly into fighting and battles, mostly dangerous things, even close to death. She only has one rule towards herself; "You want it, you work hard for it."


None so far, TBA 

Images, video's, and animations (possibly UwU)

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