Invader Jun, AKA June Kouro is a female character created by Yukinautau      


Name (irken): Invader Jun, Name (human): June Kouro

Age (irken): 12, Age  (human: 112

Rank: Invader

SIR unit: J.U.N.I.P.E.R.

Eye color (irken): purple, eye color (human) teal/purple

(human) Hair Color: Deep Aqua

Outfit (irken): grey undershirt, purple tunic which bears the female invader symbol, black leggings, thigh-high boots

Outfit (human): Black kimono style shirt lined with blue, black pants,purple boots/shoes, blue sash worn around waist, black hair flower, silver jewlery

Zodiac: Virgo

(human) Blood type: O

Favorite Color: Blue/purple

Least favorite color: Red

Likes: Animals, sleeping, trying random things, learning human cooking specialties 

Dislikes: loud noises, big groups of people, being alone, bright colors

Strengths: Bilingual, healing specialties, fast runner, ideal armstregnth 

Flaws: Scared easily, afraid of heights, terrified of cats


Jun normally acts tough and controlled, though normally when hurt or someone she loves/cares about is mentions, she goes crazy and protective. She gets scared easily and normally covers it up by changing topics and trying to be happy go lucky. She cares about her friends and will do anything to protect, she may not be the best at it, but she tries her best.


  • She is Yukinautau's first OC
  • Her name means Obedient Route
  • The inspiration for her name comes from Yukinautau's favorite sailor soldier, Sailor Juno (Jun Jun)

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