she's immortal, so who cares?




human (British)

Zodiac sign:


Eye color:

dark-ish teal

Hair color:


Love interest:


Most likely to say:

"Whatever, let's just do something fun~!"

Least likely to say:




Ji'cara is physically about seven or eight, but she's much, much older. She usually wears a dress that goes a few inches past her knees, as well as pink shoes with dark gray soles along with white ankle socks. She wears gold jewelry and glasses on special occasions to help make her appear of higher class.


While Ji'cara looks sweet and innocent, yes, but don't let that fool you. While she loves regular little-kid fun, she also takes interest in other things as well. And although she has a sweet, childish voice, she has a sharp tongue and a filthy mind. She thinks quickly and always has a harsh insult at the ready. She doesn't fight too often, but she's never afraid to fight. If you pick a fight with her, though, beware - she fights dirty.


  • She is based loosely off of a character known as Yachiru Kusajishi.
  • She originally had a more tomboyish look, but I figured a really girly look would make it easier to underestimate her abilities.
  • She often times uses tricks and feigns innocence to get out of trouble - mostly to get away with being annoying and throwing "accidental" insults.
  • While she's all about "kawai desu~," don't doubt for a second she doesn't have to really work hard for such an appearance, and even harder to make it look effortless.
  • She usually carries around heavy weaponry in case she has to fight, but it isn't very often utilized due to her fighting style.

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