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Nervous? By: Invader Gia

This is the shipping that involve Jon and Liz romantically.

It is known that Jon has a crush on Liz, but it is unknown exactly how Liz feels back, but she's hinted some feelings that are more then just friends.

It's shown that Liz does't mind being in her Irken state around Jon, showing that they know each other pretty well.  


Liz and Jon ^-^ Drawn by RBH

Jon's POV

When Jon first met Liz, he started teasing her constantly, she took this as an insult, Zay, on the other hand, put two and two together, and concluded that Jon liked Liz, she was correct. He can relate to her in many ways, and he thinks that she is cool, and pretty. He likes her scrapbooks, and gets mad when anyone tries to make her upset. He enjoys being around her, and likes to make her laugh. Jon gets along with Liz well, and Jon rarely ever shows this kind of interaction with anyone. Jon, after the two dated for a while, proposed to her in chat, to which she obviously said yes.

Liz's POV

When Liz and Jon first met, Liz lashed out on him because he pulled on her antennea, but when Zay said that Jon had a crush on Liz, she didn't know how to react. Soon after that, they started to become friends. They get along and they like to pull pranks on others. It's known that Liz isn't afraid to be in her Irken state when she's around Jon, and isn't afraid to be herself. But because of Liz's crush on Saf, Liz doesn't know exactly how she feels about Jon, but she feels some sort of affection with him. As they got to know each other, Liz becomes more aware of her feelings and eventually begins to love him, forgetting her feelings for Saf.

Stories Containing JALR

One Shots - By Invader Gia

Feelings - By Invader Gia



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Jon proposing to Liz :3






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Liz and Jon cosplaying as Manny and Frida from El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. Drawn by Really Big Hat








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...I don't know XD Drawn by Really Big Hat








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Liz and Jon BD (before dating) Drawn by Really Big Hat in her style









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