The screen was filled with fuzz. Not one thing was visible through the gray and black interruptions. Slowly the poor technology was knocked into alignment and a figure formed of a thirteen year old boy. He had a serious look on his face that was formed by dark raven hair, on top of his head was a long strand that seemed to stick out naturally. He was dressed in all black except for a simple wrinkled blue shirt. He seemed to not notice the camera was running as he blew a puff of air from his mouth and combed his fingers through his hair. The boy looked up and his eyes widened.

Wait... is that red? Oh! Gosh! It is!

He cleared his throat and continued.

Hello. I am Dib Membrane from planet Earth. If an alien is listening to this please discard of anything I say or-

He stopped and thought for a second

-just dont listen to my stuff, please? Anyways. Continuing. As a part of my plan to finally prove to you that aliens exist I will carry around this camera with me all the time. '''''If I get cold hard evidence of alien life you will believe me. If not. You have permission to take me in. I'm done if this doesn't work.

He sighed.

If an alien really is listening to this and is continuing up to this point, GET OFF. This isn't for your ears! Or antennaes! Or whatever you have! I WILL get you by the end of the day and you WILL be stopped from all the evil you spread through the universe! Mark my words you slime-balls. I will find you, I will end you, I will seek justice for those you have hurt.

One more thing. If you're an Irken listening to this. Why did you send ZIM to invade Earth? Were you desperate or something? Did he kill all the rest of them? Or did you just want to get rid of him? You probably wont answer or cant so until I find you I guess you're safe. But remember I'll find you.

Well... I guess that's it. Operation: Invaders; DIB has begun.

He reached out his hand towards the camera and after a click and whir the screen turned black.

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