Bliz is as sweet as sugar by invader bliz-d62aan7

bliz the half vortal and half irken invader (virken)

invader bliz is a fanon character made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher, she is a species called vortal invaders but she's also half irken. she is also princess of the north on vortal.

back story

before bliz was born, her mother queen sun-set met a irken called mort, she fell in love with him and he loved her too. one day mort picked queen sun-set a flower.

but the flower he picked fir her was actually a special vortal flower called a miracle-flower that makes female vortal invaders pregnant. its magic only works if the female picks it herself or if she has a boyfriend, her boyfriend can pick it for her.

bliz wa born on october 16th, hatching from her egg. becasue her farther mort the irken was the one to pick the miracle-flower, she was half irken. unlike how normal vortal invader's antenna's lash out like whips, bliz's antenna's didnt lash out like whips and she had a irken tounge. when bliz was 9, she earned her PAK by passing the invader test like all vortal invaders, even though she's half irken. when she was 10, she had taken over 5 planets and gave up being an invader for a while to be a treasure hunter.

now being 12, bliz lives on earth with her cousin jolty, and her friends twilight, lard nar, zim, flaze, gapt and tak


bliz was born with a magical power called ever-lasting-life-power, a power that never dies in the family. thats what that mark on bliz's forehead is, the lightning-bolt mark on her forehead shows she has ever-lasting-life-power. bliz has the mark of imagination, the strongest mark of all.

things bliz has ever said

"i dont believe in ghosts"

"thats not food, its a dead rat!"

"jolty, you cant always be scared of everything"

"anyone got some earth moneys?"

"wreck-it ralph has got to be the best disney movie ever!"

"i found some dynamite!!!"


  • bliz has a crush on lard nar, leader of the resisty
  • bliz is a member of the resisty
  • she likes to annoy the hell out of zim
  • bliz has the ability to telaport, levate things and many other powers with her ever-lasting-life-power

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