{Chat-Room D has been opened} {Waffles_are_my_friends! and The_Fist have just joined Chat-Room D}

The_Fist: I don't even know why you brought me here, GIR, there is no-one!

{Capture_That_Alien has just joined Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: Oh... look what I just walked into...

The_Fist: Who are you?

Capture_That_Alien: Seriously, Zim... it's me.

The_Fist: En-monkey?

Capture_That_Alien: No.

The_Fist: Ceriz-human?

Capture_That_Alien: NO. I'm a guy!


Capture_That_Alien: ZIM, IT'S DIB YOU MORON!

The_Fist: I knew it! I was just... eh testing you!

Capture_That_Alien: Testing me... on my own identity...?

The_Fist: Sure. That.

Capture_That_Alien: *facepalm*

The_Fist: You have a hand on your face?

Capture_That_Alien: I'm leaving... this is stupid..

{Hyper_Spooches has just joined Chat-Room D}

Hyper_Spooches: Hi everyone!

Capture_That_Alien: Hi :] Uh, who are you?

Hyper_Spooches: En.

Capture_That_Alien: Ohhh hi then En.

The_Fist: Oh spare me! T_T

Hyper_Spooches: I'm surprised you know about emoticons, Zim.

The_Fist: Of course I do! I'm not STUPID!

Capture_That_Alien: That statement would be true if you take away the 'not'.

The_Fist: ?

Hyper_Spooches: Oh God. *facepalm*

The_Fist: You two confuse me with the palm-faces...

Hyper_Spooches: 'Facepalm' means when you put your face in your palm when somebody says something that *in Forrest Gump's voice* just don't make no sense.

The_Fist: Who is this Forrest Gump?

Capture_That_Alien: He's a character from a really famous movie, it's one of my favorites.

Hyper_Spooches: Me too :] I WANT SHRIMP NOW!

Capture_That_Alien: XD


Capture_That_Alien: It was a joke, Zim! Do you know what a joke is?!

The_Fist: Of course I do!

Capture_That_Alien: Then what is it?

{The_Fist has left Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: XD

Hyper_Spooches: Wow... I'm upstairs and I can hear Zim yelling about you.

Capture_That_Alien: Just makes it all the better XD

{Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl has joined Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: Let me guess, Ceriz?

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Yep! :D Hi GIR, En, and Dib!

Waffles_are_my_friends!: HAI!

Capture_That_Alien: Hello.

Hyper_Spooches: Hiyah!

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: There's only one certain Irken missing...

Hyper_Spooches: Oh he just left before you joined, Dib got him frustrated.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: How?

Capture_That_Alien: I challenged him if he could tell me what a joke is.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Oh wow... XP

Capture_That_Alien: I know.

{The_Fist has joined Chat-Room D}

Hyper_Spooches: Oh look who came back. Hey, Zim.

The_Fist: joke/jōk/ Noun: A thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, esp. a story with a funny punchline. Verb: Make jokes; talk humorously or flippantly.Synonyms: jest - fun - jape - gag - trick - pleasantry - lark verb. jest - jape - banter - lark - kid - josh.

Capture_That_Alien: Whoah.

Hyper_Spooches: XD

The_Fist: And hello, En-monkey.

Capture_That_Alien: You didn't have to do all that, Zim.

The_Fist: Oh but I did just to show how DUMB you are!

Capture_That_Alien: How does that prove how DUMB I am?! I mean, I'm not DUMB!!!

The_Fist: Dumb human said, what?

Capture_That_Alien: I'm not falling for that a second time, Zim. T_T

The_Fist: Fah! I don't care. I'm not here for YOU!

Capture_That_Alien: Then what for?

{The_Fist has left Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: Hah! Twice in a row!

Hyper_Spooches: XP


Hyper_Spooches: *shakes violently* Too. Many. Grammar mistakes!

Capture_That_Alien: XD

Hyper_Spooches: No I really despise grammar mistakes, being a writer and all.

Capture_That_Alien: That would make sense in your case...

Waffles_are_my_friends!: WHOO! HAI MARY! HAI ENNY! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!

Hyper_Spooches: Mary? Anyways, we can't see you GIR, we're online.

Capture_That_Alien: I really don't know why he calls me that even now...

Waffles_are_my_friends!: AWWW! HAHA! MASTER IS KICKING STUFF NOW!

Hyper_Spooches: I can hear that..

Capture_That_Alien: It must suck living with Zim, must it En?

Hyper_Spooches: At times, yes.

Waffles_are_my_friends!: AND NOW MASTER HURT HIMSELF!

Hyper_Spooches: I also heard that, should I come down?

Capture_That_Alien: Do you HAVE to use all caps?

Waffles_are_my_friends!: No! Now master's sleeping... he just dropped to the floor and went to sleep!

Capture_That_Alien: I have a feeling Zim's not sleeping XD

Hyper_Sooches: XD

Waffles_are_my_friends!: Master's waking up! HAI MASTER!

Hyper_Spooches: He can't hear you through the computer GIR.

Waffles_are_my_friends!: And now he's COMING OVER TO ME!

Capture_That_Alien: If I were him, I would run right about now.

Hyper_Spooches: IKR!

Waffles_are_my_friends!: AND NOW

{Waffles_are_my_friends! got disconnected}

Hyper_Spooches: O_O Maybe I should go down there.

Capture_That_Alien: I'm sure he's fine, Zim wouldn't do anything to his minion, would he?

Hyper_Spooches: I don't know.

{Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl is Away}

Hyper_Spooches: HEY! CERIZ! WAKE UP!

Capture_That_Alien: I doubt she can hear you...

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: WHOAH! Hey! Sorry.

Capture_That_Alien: Nevermind then. :|

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Haha. What's going on?

Hyper_Spooches: Zim is doing something to GIR... or his computer... or both.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: O_O Don't you think you should do something?

Hyper_Spooches: Like Dib said, he's more than likely fine.

{The_Fist has joined Chat-Room D}

The_Fist: Greetings.

Hyper_Spooches: Wow, a real greeting this time!

The_Fist: -_O

Capture_That_Alien: Bet I could make you leave 3 times tonight Zim!

The_Fist: And what makes you think that vile human?!

Capture_That_Alien: I'll think of a way...

The_Fist: Oh.. I am so scared... that was sarcasm by the way.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Oh, no really?

The_Fist: Did I NOT just clarify that?!

Hyper_Spooches: *facepalm*

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Haha irony... I think...

Capture_That_Alien: XD

Hyper_Spooches: What was so funny?

Capture_That_Alien: I don't know I just wanted to be a part of the conversaition, since I'm bored.

The_Fist: As am I. I don't see why you humans think this is so amusing.

Hyper_Spooches: First of all, I'M not human. Second of all, it can be amusing if you have the right people in it.

The_Fist: OH, I know! I'll ask the Tallest if they want to come here!

Capture_That_Alien: Hehe.

Hyper_Spooches: Oh yes... whoo-hoo...

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: The Tallest? Oh right Zim's leaders.

The_Fist: How do you know so much?!

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Easy, En told me all about it.

The_Fist: EN!

Hyper_Spooches: What? She won't tell anybody.

The_Fist: Trust NO human, En-monkey.

Hyper_Spooches: If she does she'll have to tell it to my PAK lasers.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: You wouldn't do that to me!

Hyper_Spooches: You're probably right.

{Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band and Objection!_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts have joined Chat-Room D}

Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band: Hey wait, this isn't a dating website!


Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band: ZIM?! What are you doing here?!

Objection!_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts: ZIM?!

The_Fist: Yes! It is I! The almighty Zim!

Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band: What is the meaning of this, the link said it was to a dating website and ZIM IS NOT ON MY LIST!

Objection!_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts: The day he is is the day we die!

Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band: Right. Come on Purple, we apparently got tricked.

Capture_That_Alien: WAIT!

Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band: Who are you?

Capture_That_Alien: I'm Dib, a human, creature from the planet you sent Zim to destroy and I have some questions for you!

Objection!_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts: WAIT, we have a question for you first!

Capture_That_Alien: Fine. But you better answer mine.

Objection!_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts: How tall are you?

Capture_That_Alien: That's a stupid question! But... uh... 4'11.. maybe.

Objection_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts: Oh. Carry on then.

Capture_That_Alien: How did that have to do with anything?!

Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band: Nothing that concerns you. Well we must be going.

Capture_That_Alien: WAIT!


{Tallest_Red_Not_The_Band and Objection!_Some1's_Making_Doughnuts have left Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: !!! ARE ALL IRKEN'S LIARS?!

The_Fist: DO NOT question the Tallest, foolish human, they could kill you in a second!

Capture_That_Alien: I don't care!

The_Fist: You don't value you life?

Capture_That_Alien: Of course I do! I'm just- you know what why am i talking to you?!

The_Fist: I don't know! Why are you?!?!

Hyper_Spooches: Pfft. Nerd fight.

The_Fist: I am not a nerd!

Capture_That_Alien: I'm not a nerd!

Capture_That_Alien: Either...

Hyper_Spooches: XP It was a joke.

The_Fist: Stupid humans and their jokes.

Hyper_Spooches: Again, I'm NOT human.

The_Fist: I KNOW THAT!

{Waffles_are_my_friends! has joined Chat-Room D}

Hyper_Spooches: GIR! You're alright!

The_Fist: I thought I told you to stay OFF OF THE COMPUTER, GIR!

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: What's up with the random caps at the end?

The_Fist: I'm just trying to get my POINT TO HIM.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: :P You did it again.

The_Fist: How did it go...? Oh yes. *headpalm*

Hyper_Spooches: Close enough...

Waffles_are_my_friends!: I know MASTER bUT I WANTED TO TALK TO yoou guyz!

Hyper_Spooches: GRAMMAR!

Waffles_are_my_friends!: WAFFLES!

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Girl: SKILLET!

Capture_That_Alien: Oh what the heck... ALIEN!

Waffles_are_my_friends!: YOUR TURN MASTER!

The_Fist: No.

Waffles_are_my_friends!: PLEEEAAASSSE!

The_Fist: NO.


Hyper_Spooches: Cmon Zim, make the SIR-unit happy.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Yeah, Zim, it won't kill you!

Capture_That_Alien: Yeah, Zim.

The_Fist: SHUT UP, DIB. This does not concern you!

Capture_That_Alien: It sort of does...


The_Fist: ENOUGH!

Hyper_Spooches: Whoah... it's coming off the chat page... XD

The_Fist: Fine! Start over!

Waffles_are_my_friends!: YAY! I KNEW YOU WOULD MASTER!

The_Fist: Stop using caps-lock so much!

Hyper_Spooches: GRAMMAR!

Waffles_are_my_friends!: WAFFLES!

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: SKILLET!

Capture_That_Alien: ALIEN!

The_Fist: DOOM?

Waffles_are_my_friends!: YAY!!!!

The_Fist: I don't even know why we did that in the first place.

Hyper_Spooches: That's what chat's about! Being random and unpredicatble.

Capture_That_Alien: Pretty much.

{Slave_For_My_GameSlave has joined Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: Hey, Gaz.

{Slave_For_My_GameSlave has left Chat-Room D}

The_Fist: How do you say it, REJECTED!

Hyper_Spooches: XD

Capture_That_Alien: >:V Haha... shut-up Zim.

The_Fist: That's a strange emoticon.

Capture_That_Alien: I think it's an angry yelling one..

Hyper_Spooches: Then they should call it the 'Zim' emoticon.

The_Fist: i thought you said the '>XD' one should be the 'me' emoticon.

Hyper_Spooches: Miz did. Not me.

The_Fist: Oh.

{Waffles_are_my_friends! has left Chat-Room D}

Hyper_Spooches: Zim! What did you do?!

The_Fist: I didn't DO anything! He chose to leave himself.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: He just IMed me...

Hyper_Spooches: But he's gone.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Girl: No on Skype.

The_Fist: What is 'Skype'?

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: It's kind of like this, but you get to do it by voice, video and just instant message.

The_Fist: So the only difference is that you get to see each other's filthy faces?

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Yeah.

The_Fist: Hm...

Hyper_Spooches: Hoo-boy. Looks like I'm gonna have to get a Skype too then.

The_Fist: I never said I was going to.

Hyper_Spooches: Are you?

The_Fist: Maybe...

Capture_That_Alien: And I'll join to, so you better wear you disguise, Zim!

The_Fist: Thanks for the heads up, human!

Capture_That_Alien: DARN IT!

Hyper_Spooches: XD

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Does that mean that we're done here?

Hyper_Spooches: Nah, I don't think so. Seeing each other can get awkward after a while so this will be plan B.

The_Fist: I never OFFICIALLY said I would join!

Hyper_Spooches: But you're thinking about it. And from my security cameras I can see you are going on Google right now to look it up.

{The_Fist has left Chat-Room D}

Capture_That_Alien: Ah, man. I wanted to make him leave. Oh well, it was still funny. XD

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: I'm bored.

Hyper_Spooches: Same here.

Capture_That_Alien: Should we end this?

Hyper_Spooches: Probably.

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Sure.

Capture_That_Alien: Later guys. :]

Hyper_Spooches: Bye, Dib! o/

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: Cee yah!

Capture_That_Alien: o/

Hyper_Spooches: o/

Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl: o/

Capture_That_Alien: Uh guys, we can leave now.

Hyper_Spooches: Oh right! XD

{Hyper_Spooches has left Chat-Room D}

{Krazy_Skillet_Luvr_Gurl has left Chat-Room D}

{Capture_That_Alien has left Chat-Room D}

{Chat-Room D has been closed}

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