Invader Zim: The Mysterious Love of Doom!

Chapter 1

"GIR! Don't touch that," Zim yelled, running forward and snatching a dark purple vial from his cyan-colored andriod.

"What's it do," GIR asked, looking up into his master's magenta eyes.

"It's a serum, GIR."


"I've discovered that I've taken notes on almost every sickening Earth monkey emotion, except one..."

"I had no idea..." GIR still didn't seem to understand.

"It's love serum, GIR, I've never studied the feeling before, so assume I could slip it into the new child's drink.

Zim was referring to young Zay, the girl who was always alone. She had brown hair that fell over one of her light blue eyes, a lightly freckled nose, a blue dress covered in stars, and pale peach skin.

"I suppose she can have affections for the interfering Dib-worm..." Zim was infuiriated at the mere thought of the dark-haired, bespectecled, brown-eyed boy who loved paranormal science.

"Why don't you use it on her so she'll love you," GIR asked witlessly.

"GIR! Huminoid affection makes me want to, make, little, sicky noises..."


"Tomorrow, GIR, my study begins," Zim said darkly.



Chapter 2

DAMR (May) Suggested

"I'm telling you, Gaz, he's up to something, I know it," Dib siad, walking alongside his violet-haired sister.

"Your voice is making me sick," Gaz said, not looking up fromher handheld Game Slave 2.

"He's been walking around with a vial full of purple liquid; he keeps trying to slip it into Zay's drink.


"So, I fear for her life!

"Why don't you get one," Gaz said, picking up her pace, and attempting to leave her older brother behind.

" But what if it's more of his exploding goo!"

"Why do you even care?"

"Because she's new and doesn't realize how evil Zim is!"

"I've got two new kids in my class, I don't see you obsessing over their lives."

"Zim hasn't targeted them yet!"

"Whatever," Gaz was finally able to lose her brother when she turned the block, leaving Dib to rant about Zim by himself.

"Why can't anyone see that... Hey, there's Zay!" Dib saw a girl walking down the street, from behind. Another girl and a boy walked behind her.

The girl following Zay had black hair, brown eyes, and dark-rimmed, half-moon glasses. Her hair was straight and shoulder lenghth. Dark bangs fell over her forehead. Her shirt was light blue with a silver UFO on the front. Her jacket, boots, and pants were all violet.

She was talking about something that Dib couldn't quite hear.

The boy, however, wasn't listeneing to word. He was staring up at the sky, deep thoughts ran through his mind. He sported a red jacket with a flaming skull necklace. He had short, brown, spiky hair and a mischevious smile. His shirt was white and his pants were black.

He only said a few words to the girl's nonstop talk.

"She's to strange to be human!" The girl was watching how Zay stopped to inspect every block on the sidewalk.

"May, get a grip, she's new," The boy said.

"But, Jon, look at her!"

"Just get over it," Jon muttered, quickening his pace, and leaving May behind.

"She seems farmilliar," Dib said. "Hey," He yelled to May.

"Oh no..." she said as she began to run.

"Wait," Dib shouted, grabbing her arm. "I just want to talk to you."


"I just want to know what you're doing."

"Then you're going to call me crazy, right?"

"No, why would I?"

"Well, that's what everyone tells me around here..."

"Tell me about it..."

Dib and May sighed and said simoultaniously, "Does no one see that the world is in danger?"

May froze, as well as Dib.

Dib thought, Did she just say what I think she said?

Did he just say the world is in danger?

"I was using these," May pulled out a pair of red and silver goggles. "They're X-Ray vison."

"Oh! I have those."

These are the newest edition," May said smiling.

"Really?" Dib smiled too, and together they walked off to Skool.

Chapter 3


Dib walked to his table, and sat beside his sister in the cafeteria.

Zim sat alone as usual. He produced a small device from his PAK. "Now, to test the scanner, go, find the nearest source of possible love," he gagged as the scanner obeyed. Zim wouldn't believe his own eyes. "Scanner, I said-"

"Nearest Source Detected."

"Hm... The scanner must be defective, this... Earthinoid, Is void of all feeling." He stared at a single photo on screen. "Gaz..., or perhaps the scanner is well, and I could use this rather than the serum... I suppose I could have her fall for, me," Zim said, placing the scanner within his PAK.

Grabbing his lunch tray, Zim stood; walked over to Dib's table, and sat beside Gaz.

Dib immedietly shouted, "Gaz! It's him! It's the alien!"

"Be quiet!" Gaz was so infuriated at her brother, that she was on the verge of snapping her GS2 in half.

"Stay away, space-monster."

"I have no intention of going near you, inferior, big-headed, squirrel-boy."

"My head's not big!"

"Both of you shut it!"

"As I said, I'm not here for you Dib-Filth, all I need is Little-Gaz."

"Rrrr..." Gaz pushed both her brother and Zim away from her with such force, they both slid to either end of the table.

"The human female is forceful," Zim noted. He sat upright and slid back over to Gaz, who had cooled off slightly.

She growled at the sight of him and began to raise her arm to push him again.

Zim cringed in anticipation and fear.

Instead, Gaz just groaned and continued playing her Game Slave 2.

"So... Whatcha doin'," Zim asked, leaning over Gaz's shoulder to see the screen.

"Why do you care," Gaz asked, brushing him away, her voice hostile.



"What is that?"

"Vampire Piggy Hunter, now go away," Gaz said angirly.

"Do you want to-,"Zim began.

"Look, either you leave me alone, or I make you suffer a pain unlike any knwon form of pain," Gaz said, opening her normally squinted eyes; focusing her bright amber irises to glare at Zim with such intensity and white-hot fury, it felt as if she could see past his disguise and into his dark soul.

"I see," Zim said, moving away slightly. "Do you want to sit at my table, so we can be away from your interfereing Earth brother?"

"If it keeps you quiet," Gaz said, standing up and walking to ZIm's table, ignoring Dib's cries of warning.

"Gaz! Wait! You're in danger!"

"Foolish human, the Gaz-creature is sitting with me today."

"You'll never get away with this! I don't know what you're doing, but I'm going to stop you!"

"Fear not Earth stink, it is only a simple study." Zim turned away and chuckled evily. "For the moment..." Zim walked over to Gaz; placed his hands on her shoulders, (To which she growled), and said, "Explain to me this... Vampire Piggy Hunter."

Chapter 4

DATR suggested

Later after Skool...

"Gaz! Are you okay? What did he do to you?" Dib said, running over to his sister's side.

"Nothing," Gaz said firmly.

"What did he want?"

"He just asked some stupid questions."


"Just go away."

"What did he ask?"

"Questions about you and me."

"Such as?"

"How big your head is, how many spy bugs you put in his base, what a vampire is, why does the vampire want to hunt the piggys, who is my love-pig, what you did with Tak's ship, if you're still in contacct with her, things like that."

"My head isn't... Wait a minute, What was that last thing?"

"If you're still in contact with Tak?"

"She's alive?"

"According to Zim."

"And that 5th thing?"

"Who my love-pig is?"

"What did you tell him?"

"I hate everyone."

"Right, so about Tak?"

"Be quiet," Gaz said, walking away from her brother and towards her house.

Stupid Dib, always bugging me. Gaz entered her household and walked up the stairs. How can I destroy or humilate him this time? She reached for her door handle and paused. I wonder if there's something I could use in his room... She turned and kicked Dib's door open. There's got to be something in here... She searched closets; drawers; under his bed, and finally she found his computer. There's got to be something in here. She opened every folder, file, profile, and browser Dib had. Gaz opened his photo file. "Zim, Zim in disguise, Zim, Zim removing his disguise, Zim putting on his disguise, Zim's base exterior, Zim's base interior, Zim's robot, Zim's robot in disguise,...Yes."

One by one images flashed across the screen, a girl with pale skin, a dress, purple hair, and brown backpack was in the majority of the photographs Gaz looked through.

"Tak... I wonder if he it is."

Tak, like Zim, was Irken. Without her disguise, here eyes were bright purple, her dress was purple, she had a small metal device implanted on her head,, she had black curled antenne, and knee-high, steel-toed boots, identical to the ones she wore in disguise.

"Let's see, add photos, insert music, password lock, there."

Gaz shut Dib's computer; exited the room with a small smirk on her face, and shut the door behind her.

Chapter 5

DATR and mild ZADE

"Now that I've got some new pictures of Zim and his plots, maybe I can stop him, the, just possily, I'll stop talking to myself," Dib said, walking into his room; plugging in his camera, and opening his laptop.

The way she came into the place,

I knew right then and there,

there was something different about this girl.

Dangerous By: Micheal Jackson rang out from Dib's computer, while pictures of Tak flashed across the screen. Along with the occasional drawing or video of Dib and Tak together.

"Nyeah!" Dib nearly fell off his chair. He pressed the escape key multiple times, only to have it password locked.


An evil snicker wafted up from the living room downstairs.

"Wait a minute, if Gaz locked it, then the passwors must be..." Dib typed in, 'Vampire Piggy Hunter GS2" and the show ended.

He relaxed slightly and shut his computer, hoping to avoid any more of gaz's digital surprises.

Dib fell onto his bed; his head resting on the pillow, his arms folded across his chest; his legs crossed at the ankles. He stared unblinkingly up at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts.

How can I expose Zim? How did Gaz hack my computer? Where did she get the music? What did Zim and Gaz talk about, Why diid Tak leave? Will she ever come back? Where is she? Is my head really that big?

All these questions raced through his mind, like horses on a track, too fast for him to think of an answer. When he attempted to grasp one thought, it slipped away before he could reach it.

Dib sat up, and not knowing what else to do, he, reluctantly, grabbed his compter and opened it.

Pictures of Zim spilled out of an open file.

"Now, I'll just load these new photos into the file."

As he did so, Dib glanced itno the hallway and listened. He sighed in relief when no sound came forth, but shut the door just in case.

He opened a password protected file; typed in, Tak, and pictures of her poured out.

"Do I miss her?" Dib asked himself.

"Of course you do."

Dib jumped and shut his laptop at the sight of his sister standing in the doorway.

"Gaz! How'd you-?"

"Your doo isn't locked, by the way, Zim is coming over later."

"Zim! But, why? How?"

"I asked him to."

"My enemy? In my house?"


Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"Where you goin'?" GIR asked, as Zim began to clean his disguise.

"To the Dib-worm's shelter unit, this gives me a chance to continue my study more closely, and I could possibly find the Earth-monkey's new plan and dispose of it," Zim explained, moving his wig and lenses into place. "GIR, be careful, don't destroy the house while I'm gone." Zim opened the front door; shot a stern look at GIR, and left.

"Wheeeehoo!" GIR shouted, as he began to dance around, knowing the glorious oportunity he was given.

Chapter 7


The doorbell in Dib and Gaz's household rang, and Dib immedietly began shouting to his sister from his room.

"Don't do it Gaz! He's evil!"

He ran to the top of the stairs; slid down the railing, and jumped in front of the door.

"Gaz, please, listen to me!"

"Dib, you will move, so I can open the door, or I open your skull," Gaz growled.

Dib hesitated for a moment, but moved away from the entrance.

Gaz straightened out her dress, and adjusted her necklace. Outside the door Zim did likewise.

The door opened; Gaz stood in the doorway. She gestured for him to come in, while subvocalizing an unfriendly, "Welcome."

Dib sat on the couch, arms crossed in s small, futile, protest.

He shot a glare at Zim, as if saying, 'Watch it, alien scum.' Zim threw back a simple, innocent smile.

"Come on Zim, let's go to my room, my stupid brother might bug us," Gaz said, ushering Zim up the stairs.

Dib opened his mouth to intervene, but one look from her furious amer eyes kept him sielent.

"So, Little-Gaz, why did you invite me to," Zim asked hopping onto her bed.

"I had a few questions for you," Gaz replied, sitting next to him.

"Such as?"

"How's Tak been lately?"


"Never mind why, just tell me."

"She's alive and well, on the deserted planet, Charoon," ZIm responded sharply.

"Very good, now, at lunch, why did you ask who my love-pig is?"

"Curiosity," Zim said, moving slightly closer to her.

"You know I hate everyone," Gaz said, her body temperature slowly rising.

"I felt I needed to know more about you, you are a facinating Earth creature, Little-Gaz," Zim replied, scooting closer still, their eyes only inches apart.

Gaz began to feel a strange desire, she asked, "Why didn't you use Dib?"

"He wouldn't have been right for my...particular interests."

"What would those interests be?"

"You'll soon find out." Zim placed his hand where Gaz's neck and shoulder met, and leaned forward...

The door opened with an earsplitting, 'SLAM!'

Dib tumbled into the room, his black jacket fluttering out behind him.

"Don't worry Gaz! I'll save you!"

Zim and Gaz quickly pulled apart before contact, Dib had ruined the moment, and he would pay...

"Dib! You will leave my room right now, and your death might be less painful."

"Filthy, sniveling, Dib-worm! You will heed your little sister's commands, or I will end your pitiful exsistence immedietly!"

"Gaz, are you okay? What did he do to you?"

"GET OUT!" Zim and Gaz shouted, causing Dib to fall backwards in surprise.

"Gaz, it's okay! It's me!"

"OUT!" Gaz shoved her brother out of the room with tremendous force.

Zim caught sight of the alarm clock, 8:30 was what it read, he hopped offthe bed and told Gaz, "It's getting late, I should head home." He walked down the stairs, and out the front door. He turned around saying, "Good-bye...Gaz," He smiled, waved, and walked off down the sidewalk.

Gaz watched him leave and was surprised slightly, Zim had never called her, Gaz, before. She waved back and even cracked a small, almost undetecable, smile.

"Thank goodness he's gone, you could've been in real danger! You're lucky I showed up." Dib was sitting at the base of the stairs.

All traces of happiness drained from Gaz's face at the sound of her brother's voice.

"You ruined everything, Dib! I had questions! I was getting answers and results! The you and your weird obsessions got in my way!"

"I was only trying to help you," Dib said.

"Next time, if I let you live this time, don't help." Gaz shoved he brother off the staircase and marched up to her room.

"What's wrong with her? I guess I'll find out..." Dib opened the door and ran outside. He turned and ran down his shortcut to Zim's house, he needed to make it there befor Zim did...

Chapter 8


"I almost had it! I curse myself for trusting the pitiful human knowledge from the informtion center..." ZIm muttered, walking up the path to his house. "I just hope that- Sweet mother of Irk!"

Zim opened the front door to the house, only to see GIR, Dib, Zay, and Minimoose dancing in the living room.

His picture of the green monkey was face down on the floor, the TV was in the kitchen, Bloaty's boxes and Krazy Taco wrappers littered the floor, and Moves Like Jagger By: Maroon 5 blared through the whole base.

Dib, surprisingly, was the one who could sing all the words correctly. Zay just danced, GIR sang off-key and all the wrong words, and Minimoose just bobbed up and down squeaking on occasion.

GIR was doing what loooked like a half monkey half disco type of dance. Dib and Zay were in a tango-like position; Zay spun and dipped; pulled close; and twirled away, laughing with Dib all the while.

"GIR! I told you not to destroy the house!"

Zim marched in and turned to face Dib.

"You! Get out of my house!"

"Only when you tell me what you did to my sister!"

"I said get out!"

Zim ran at Dib, who jumped onto his couch and backflipped off, he bowed to Zay, flashed a quick smile, and ran down the street.

When Zim turned to confront Zay, she was no longer there.

"Must've ran off while I was chasing the Dib-stink..."

He spun around to Minimoose and GIR.

"You and You! Begin cleanup and repairs!"

"Yes my maser!" GIR's cyan colored body parts flashed red for a moment before he ran off to get a shovel.

Minimoose squeaked, "Meee!"

"Don't give me those, those,...LIES!"

"Mee..." Minimoose squeaked quietly

"I thought so... Computer! Help with internal repairs, I'm going down to the lab, to review the tape I took and The Gaz-creature's home, I need to find out how Dib made it in..." Zim opened the trashcan in the kitchen and slid down on the platform inside.

Zim, now outside of his disguise, watched the video. "There!"

The tape was from Zim's point of view. He saw Gaz's squinted eyes, pale skin, and cubic, magenta hair. He looked past her beauty and saw a pair of tan eyes peering through the slightly open door.

Chapter 9

ZADE, slight ZAZR (Zay), and extremly minimal DATR

Zim and Dib glared at each other from opposite sides of the classrom. Zim has confronted Dib on the playground and chewed him out harshly, but despite that Dib remained firm, not caring what Zim had to say, he knew what evil he had protected his sister from.

Ms. Bitters stood in front of a digagram of a young girl.

"Then, right around here, the vampire would aim his fans; then, slowly, the hideous, painful transformation would-...Yes, Zay?"

"Ms. Bitters, could I move to the front row? I can't see the board."

"Hm...Very well." Ms. Bitters looked around the room before settleing on Aki, the american-indian girl who sat beside Dib. "You, you're being sent to-" Just then the phone rang. "They're what? Again? She's back? You'll regret this, mark my words!" With that, Ms. Bitters slammed down the phone, which was engulfed in flame. "Class, despite my fury, the principal is allowing you to celebrate Valentine's Day, again, this year, go and pass out you Valentine's meat."

This year, Zim was prepared, he removed some small sausages from his PAK with protective equiptment and began to walk around the room.

Going on all he had read, Zim passed out a meat to every girl in class, some ignored him, other pushed it off the desk, one thanked him, smiled, and handed one back.

It was Zay. She passed out a meat to almost every boy in class. Most were lovestruck and just stared as she walked past. Others just thanked her.

All the while, Dib just stared out the window.

Another lonely Valentine's Day, Dib thought.

He never bothered to get any meat, he knew everyone would reject it. When everyone finished passing out their Valentines, Dib, unsurprisingly, found his desk completely clear of meat.

"As I was saying to Aki, you were being transfered to the underground classrom, but since they're all full, you are now being transfered to the lunar classes on the moon!"

A helmet went over Aki's head; rocket sprouted from her desk; tiles shifted on he ceiling to make an opening, and the rockets fired a screaming Aki out of Earth's atmosphere.

Dib raised his hand and asked, "Ms. Bitters, why couldn't have Aki and Zay just switched places?"

Zay, who previously sat in the 2nd row behind Dib, now took her place to his right.

"Because, we have a student coming back from a rather long vacation."

There was a white light in the hallway, the door to room 13 opened, and a dark blue cat raced into the room and perched on Dib's desk, staring at him through narrow, red eyes.

In the doorway stood a girl. She wore a purple and black, longsleeve, striped dress. Her boots were steel-toed and knee-high. She had a dark brown backpack and purple eyeshadow. Her left eye had a small mole beneath it. She was very pale, and her earrings were lavender, just like her eyes. Her most distinctive feature was her dark purple hair.

An appearence that Zim and Dib knew all too well.

"Let's welcome back, our hopless child, Tak."

Tak smiled and waved at Dib, who waved back nervously.

Zim sat, horrified, confused, and slightly worried.

Tak? She can't be here, she was stranded, unless...

Zim recalled what Tak had told him once.

"Give up, Zim! I built this ship myself!"

Herself...Herself! She built another ship!

"And class, there will be a Skool dance, everyone who is willing to attend is welcome to bring a partner."

Dib sighed and turned back to the window.

Who would want to go to a dance with someone like me? Dib sat there, alone and sad, as a few tears dripped from his eyes.

Chapter 10

ZAGR, ZAZR (Zay), DAZR (Zay), DAMR (May), DATR

Zim and Dib later opened their lockers and were shocked to find...Valentines.

Dib found three cards, one from May, one fron Tak, and one from Zay.

Zim only found one card, it was from Gaz. Inside was a poem,


Blood is red,

Bruises are black and blue,

I hate everyone,

But I think I love you...


Your Little Gaz

Zim was shocked, because not only was there a poem, he found roses, drawings, photos, paper hearts, and the traditional meat.

Dib's cards read,


This planet is horrid,

Humans are no fun,

But if I had to choose,

You'd be my favorite one.


Irken Invader Tak


You're a true friend,

Something I've never had,

You brightened my day,

You made me so glad.


Your friend, May

But the one that touched Dib the most, was heartfelt and true, it said,


When I'm alone in the dark,

When I feel I'm not wanted anywhere,

I'll turn, only to see,

You standing there.

No one will give you a chance,

They turn you away,

But I see you differently,

So I don't listen to what they say.

You're an amazing boy,

You like me for who I am, that's true,

What I'd like to say,

Is thank you.



Dib found all the same things in his locker ZIm had, but most of it was from Zay.

The pair dashed to the lunchroom.

Zim turned and ran to Gaz; he pulled a heart-shaped steak from his PAK, (Not caring how much it burned), a rose, and a poem.

Gaz took the meat from Zim's steaming hands and placed it on the table; she took the rose and fitted it into her hair, finally she read the poem.\

Dib's Little Sister,

Evil, Danger,

Dark and cruel, is you,

I don't know how anyone could be...

Such a dream come true!


The Ingenious and Amazing Zim

Zim couldn't tell what Gaz thought, until she set the poem down and turned away.

Taking it as rejection, Zim hung his head and began to walk away.

Just before he left, Gaz grabbed his arm; pulled him close, and placed a kiss on his cheek. She hurriedly wiped something off her lips and turned to play her GS2.

Zim felt where Gaz had kissed him. A black substance came off on his glove. He looked at his reflection in the floor and saw a black imprint of lips on his cheek.

Dib had made his thanks icredibly clear to every girl. He and Zay even shared a quick, meaningful hug..

Afterwards, Dib returned to his table, only to recive a strong, powerful, painful punch from Gaz.

He clutched his arm and managed to utter through the groans of pain,

"What was...ow...that for?"

"Last night, when you ruined my kiss."

"Kiss? What are you- Wait a minute...Kiss? Is that what-...Zim...You were going to kiss ZIm?!"


As the argument continued, ZIm sat on his own, taking note on what he had learned. May talked to Jon about Zay and how she isn't human. Tak was sitting with her, "cat", MiMi,stroking her. Zay sat with her friends, but completely ignored them.

She was observing Zim, thinking if he needed more than just a Valentine.

"Hi, Zim."

"You? What business do you have with Zim?"

"None, I just wanted to sit with you."

"Why don't you sit with them?"

"Who? The pitiful human- I mean, my friends? No, I need no one."

"Go! Leave Zim!"

"Zay does not take orders!"

Zim listened to her speech pattern, it was the equivelent of an Irken Invader.

He leaned forward and wiped his finger across her cheek. A fine powder came off on his glove, and a streak of green was left where his finger had been.

Zay gasped and quickly applied more powder.

"You dare touch me?"

"You dare disobey Zim"s dierect orders?"

"Hm... Zim, I like you."


"You put up a good fight, I respect that."

Zay stood; leaned over; kissed his cheek, and walked off to join her friends.

Zim sat, confused. He knew that touch, but from where?

Chapter 11


Jon sat in his room, thinking about his Skool day. He didn't say much, he didn't have much to say.

He was thinking about Gaz, the dark, evil, and cruel girl who had threatened to break his arm. She was forceful, odd, and frightening...he liked that.

From Gaz, he thought about all the new, strange, and interesting people he had met during the day.

He started with the green boy, who immedietly dubbed him, "Filthy, wretched, human-stink," and shooed him away. If he recalled correctly, his name was...Zim. An odd name, but it was certainly unique.

From there he thought of the girl dressed entirely in purple, black, and pink. Her hair and eyes were purple. He saw her in the lunchroom stroking her cat; talking to it like it was a person. Jon found her...different. Her name was Tak.

Next was the boy who wore a black jacket, boots, and pants. His hair was dark and sythe-like. His shirt was blue with a straight grey face. He always talked about Zim.

"You'd think he was friends with him..." Jon muttered. "Or at least respects him..." He shook his head. "What am I thinking? Lizard? Space-Monster? Alien-Scum? He hates that kid..."

He was odd, annoying, and never stopped talking.


He reminded Jon of May, the quiet, intelligent, fast-talking girl with a fascination with cryptozoology and UFOology. She met him that morning and immedietly befriended him because of his dark, cunning, and prankster-like personality. He remebered laughing as she told him stories she had created.

Finally there was Zay, she was beautiful, smart, and extremely kind.

"She's just like May," Jon said to himself.

He smiled at the memory of Zay's hair, the color of dark autum leaves; her skin was as pale as a cloud; her eyes sparkled like diamonds; her dress was like the night sky with bright stars covering it; her shoes were black as a raven; her collar and sleeves were bright yellow; her leggings were sky-blue.

May's jacket, boots, and pants were all violet, just like Tak's eyes; her shirt was light blue, with a silver UFO on the front; her eyes were brown, just like her hair.

What an odd group of kids... Jon thought. I like them...

Chapter 12

ZAZR (Zay)

Zay... Zim thought. Why does that sound so farmilliar? he thought back to his homeworld, Irk.


A dark green control brain covered with yellow lights illuminated the dark room.

In the center, stood a small Irken Invader.

Her antenne curled at the ends, she wore sky-blue leggings, black boots, black gloves, a dark blue Invader's uniform with a yellow star in the center, and bright yellow sleeves and collar. She had round, bright, dark-blue eyes.

The Almighty tallest Red and The Almighty tallest Purple stood on either side of the room, arms crossed in dissaproval, glaring down at the small, female Irken.

The control brain spoke, "Irken Zay, for nearly destroying the birthing facilities, plunging Irk into seven years of darkness, breaking the arm of an instructor, and blatantly insulting the tallest."

Purple glared at Zay, who flicked out her tounge at him.

"You will be deactivated."

Three silver wires raced towards her black and blue PAK.

Immedietly, Zay leaped into the air and landed on the wires. She twisted them into a knot before jumping down.

In the commotion she escaped the room.

Zim had watched th whole ordeal.

She's incredible, he thought. She's swift; she's cunning.

He watched her run to her Voot.

She's leaving!


She turned, "Zim!"

She dashed back to him; grabbed his shoulders, and kissed him.

Zim's body flooded with a strange emotion as Zay held him there.

When she released him, she said, "I'm going to miss you, you are the greatest Invader I've ever met. And...and...I love you..."


"I love you, Zim!"

She embraced him once more, and ran to her Voot Cruiser, meeting a small SIR unit.

Zay had built this particular model herself. She didn't like SIRs, she thought they were no fun. She called this one, RITA.

As Zay entered the Voot, she turned and waved to Zim.

"Goodbye! I'll never forget you!"

As Zim waved back, her ship took off into the universe.

"Goodbye..." He murmered quietly as a single tear fell from his magenta eye. "My love..."

Chapter 13

ZAZR (Zay)

"Tenn, Tenn relax, Tenn I'm fine.... TENN!"

Zay was talking to her best friend, letting her know she was okay since escaping deactivation.

"Thank you, listen to me, I'm perfectly fine...I know I haven't called in three weeks but I'm still fine... okay... okay... yes wonderful, goodbye."

She cut the transmission and fell back onto her chair.

"Is talking to Irkens supposed to be this exusting?" She was speaking to the pink, polka dotted bunny on the ground.

"I don't know."

"RITA, you can take that off now, we're home."

"Right!" The robot jumed out of the costume and into Zay's lap. "I lovez you mahstah..."

"Yeah, I know..."

RITA buried herself into Zay's uniform.

Love... I remember when I was in love... Zay began to recall memories of the Irken Invader Acedemy.

Many boys had wanted her, she was one of the most unique Irken females there. None of the interested her, so she mostly hung out with her best friend, Tenn.

Until him...

The only boy who didn't melt at her feet, the only one who could speak in her presence. Sure, he was one of the shortest operatives, but so was she. He had an unwavering desire to conquer and anialate. She liked that. Zim...

She had managed to get his attention one day, and...well, let's just say, he didn't stand a chance.

Zay was pulled out of her memories of sweet romance, by one thought that jabbed at her mind like a thorn.

Do I still love him, or is there someone else?

Chapter 14


"Zay!" Dib ran to her, Skool started in ten minutes, so he needed to hurry.

She turned to face him, "Yes?"

Suddenly Dib felt nervous, her intellectual blue eyes stared deeply into his brown ones. He began to speak,

"Would you?...Could you? you?...Can I?..."

He was trying to ask her to the dance; Zay knew what he meant.

She moved forward and in a sudden rush of motion, Dib felt a rush of heat, then Zay stepped back and it subsided; he was a bright shade of crimson.

"I'll meet you there," she said, and walked onto the playground.

"She said yes..." Dib said quietly. "She said yes!"

Suddenly he felt a good punch on the shoulder. He clutched it and turned to see Gaz.

"Nice kiss, Romeo."

"What was...ow...that for?"

"Felt like it."

Remembering th eprevious events, Din shouted, "Gaz! You won't believe it! I got a date to the dance!"

"Really? So did I..."

Dib hesitated for fear of the answer, "Who?"

Zim appeared behind Gaz.

"Did you tell him?"

"Every word," she replied.

A small smrik appeared on Gaz's face, it was devious...No, it was evil.

Dib opened his mouth to argue, but before he could, she took Zim's hand, (Which was difficult seeing as he had three fingers and sh did not); spun on her heel, and walked away.

"She's in danger..." He muttered to himself. "I know it..."


Chapter 15


"Class," Ms. Bitters said, "Seeing as the Valentine's Day dance is in two days."

Dib raised his hand.


"But, Valentine's Day was two days ago, wouldn't it make more sense if-"

"Sielence!" Ms. Bitters hissed. "As I was saying, the Valentine's Day dance is in two days; so each of you will be asked who your partner is; answer carefully, you will be graded on your choice." She pointed, "Zim! State your partner!"

"Little Gaz," he said, dreamily.

Dib growled under his breath.

"Hm...Zim, you get a D-, next, Zita!"

The spiky, purple-haired, girl blushed and said, "Keef."

Zim and Dib shuttered at the thought of Keef, a boy who had the starnge idea that the two of them were best friends.

Normally, Ms. Bitters would've given a F-, but seeing as Zita was her personaly favorite of the class, she said, "Wonderful, Zita, A+, Melvin!"

The pale boy stated quietly, "Mary..."

"Mary, hm...F! Peeopi!"

The green-haired girl said, "Spoo!"

It went through the classroom like this, Ms. Bitters gave frequent F's; multiple D's; very few C's; a minimal amount of B's, and a scarce amount of A's.

Finally, she got to the last, few, hopeless children.


"I don't need anyone, I'm going alone."


A blue light flashed across Tak's eyes.

"Never mind, B+!"

Tak leaned back, satisfied.


"Ms. Bitters, what's the point of giving grades on who our dance partners are?"

"Oh, you poor, doomed, hopeless child."

Dib blinked in confusion.

"Now, who are you going with?"

Shouts from all sides of the room.

"Why bother asking him?"

"He's probably going by himself!"

"Yeah, no one likes him, anyway!"

He clenched his jaw, and held his eyes shut, he didn't want anyone to see the tears fall.

He heard a growl, it was Zay. She has curled he hands into fists, and yelled, "Shut, up! Do you realize how mean and idiotic you all sound!?"

The room fell sielent.

"Answer the question, Dib!"

He looked at the ground, and said, "Zay..."

"Speak up, child!"


The shouting began again.

"No way!"

"He's bluffing!"

"He's not good enough for her!"

"Why would she go with him?"

"Sielence! Dib, as you know, naturally, I would give you an F..."

"Yes, ma'am, I know..."

"But, seeing as you actually managed to find a date, and an almost decent one at that, you get a C+."

Before Ms. Bitters could go any farther, the Skool bell rang, and all the childern clambored for the door.

Chapter 16


He was losing it, everywhere he looked, Zim and Gaz together, Zim holding her hand, running his fingers through her hair, and kissing her cheek.

Oddly enough, Gaz allowed him to contact her physically, and it looked like she was enjoying it just as much as he was.

Dib was angry, he wanted to get Zim away from Gaz, but how?

He leaned against a tree, deep in thought, then it hit him, he needed to get to Zim during class, Gaz wasn't in Zim's class...

Now all he needed to do was wait...

Sadly, his plan would never become realtiy, because Zim was going for a kiss, and Dib wasn't going to stand for that.

"Hey! Back away from my sister! Foul Alien!"

He lunged at Zim and tackled him into the dirt, pinning him down. It gave Dib a mild case of Deja Vu, then he remembered that he had done the same thing during the time that Mortos had come...

"Get off of me! You rotten fith-pig!"

Zim squirmed and wiggled beneath him, but to no avail, he couldn't get away.

"What are you doing to my sister?"

"Where do I start? Well first I-"

"Never mind! I don't want to know...Just tell me why you still need her, you said that this was only a simple study! Studies shouldn't last this long!"

Zim managed to roll over so he could look at Dib properly.

"It was a study, and it ended a while ago."

Dib was confused, he had a strange look in his eyes, like a deer caught in headlights.

"Then why do you still need Gaz?"

"I don't need her, I want her, I've fallen for her, and when Invaders want something," Zim shoved Dib into the dirt, "We take it!"

Zim stood; brushed himself off; walked over to Gaz; looked down at Dib and smirked, and kissed Gaz on the cheek.

Dib looked away, he couldn't bear to see anything else.

A hand rested on his shoulder, and a voice asked, "Do you need any help?"

He looked up, and May was standing there, smiling kindly.

"Sure, thanks."

She took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

"I heard you got a date with an alien."

Dib's eyes opened wide.

"What? Why would I have a date with Zim? That's so-"

Dib was cut off by the sound of May's laughter.

"No, stupid," She laughed, shoving him playfully. "I meant Zay."

"Oh yeah...I forgot about her...It's hard to believe she's an Irken..." Dib said, staring off towards her.

She was reading Crop Circles Magazine in a tree, scribbling out facts that were untrue.The magazine had a picture of Dib on the cover, the headline read, Insane Local Boy Claims Dog is Robot Henchman. These words were crossed out, and the new Headline was, Wonderful Human Boy Takes Lucky Irken to Skool Dance.

"Believe it, lover boy," May teased, giggling.

"Cut it out!" Dib pushed her playfully, laughing.

"What's going on here?" Jon stood a small distance away, twirling a long stick like a baton

"Noting Jon," May said through giggles.

"Yeah," Dib said covering his mouth to keep the laughter from escaping, "Nothing at all."

"Alright," Jon said, dropping something to the ground, before walking away.

The two started laughing again when Jon was gone, he hid around the corner.

Looking down at his watch, he said, "Three, two, one."

The stink bomb exploded.

Now Jon was the one laughing.

Chapter 17

"Zim! Zim over here!" Zay had gone to Skool the next day, finally coming to the decision that Zim was no longer the one she loved.

"Zaydia!" Zim called out running over to her.

Suddenly they both felt awkward...They didn't want to have to hurt the other one...But they had to, they couldn't lie.

"I...I don't love you anymore..." They said simultaneously.

Zay's eyes widened, so did Zim's.

"Pardon me, Zaydia, but did you say you don't love me anymore?" Zim asked.

"Yes...Did you say you didn't love me anymore?"

"Mhm, Zim loves the Gaz-Human..." He purred.

"The violet-haired ten-year old?"

"That's the one. Who would you be in love with that isn't the almighty Zim?"

"Oh, that would be Dib..."

"Dib-Stink?!...Well, I can see why, you two are both crazy."

"Shut up!" Zay said, shoving him.

"I only joke, Zay-Beast, relax yourself..."

Zay sighed and shook her head, "How we ever fell in love, I'll never know..."

"Agreed...Although it is difficult to resist the charm of Zim," he said, slicking back part of his Elvis-Style wig.

"Conceited much?"


"Oh, nevermind...Well, I'm going to find Dib, see you later," Zay said, waving and walking away.

"Farewell...Oh, and Zaydia?" Zim called.

"Hm?" She asked, turning around.

"You're completely idiotic."

Zay laughed, "So are you, Zim."

"You dare insult me?! You do not insult me! I insult you! I am Zim!"

Zay shook he head, as she walked away, Zim still screaming in the distance.

Chapter 17

"Okay, big dance today, you can do this...You can do this..." Dib told himself, looking in the mirror.

He had kept his usual outfit on, but actually changed his trademark shirt, and put on a white, button-up dress shirt with a bow tie.

"Calm down, stupid, it's just a dance," Gaz said from across the hall, ripping a sleeve off the violet and black dress her father had bought her.

"Just a dance?! Gaz, this is the only dance I've ever gone to! No one ever asks me, nor do I ask anyone else, so I never go, but this year, I actually found a girl that I want to go with, an she accepted!" Dib exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, you've told me a thousand times before..." Gaz said, dismissively.

"Whatever, are you ready yet?! The dance has already started!" Dib said, looking at his wall clock.

"Just give me a second! God, you're annoying," Gaz growled.

Dib sighed and stepped out into the hall, tapping his foot impatiently outside his younger sister's door.

"There, I'm ready," Gaz stepped out in a shredded violet and black dress that used to come all the way down to the floor. It looked elegant and sweet, now it just looked like the dress of a zombie prom queen or something.

"Alright, come on!" Dib said, grabbing her wrist, and running down the stairs.

"Don't touch me! I can get downstairs by myself..."

"Yeah, but not fast enough! Now come on!" Dib grabbed his sister's arm once again, and pulled her down the stairs, out the door, down the sidewalk, around the corner, and through the doors of the Skool.

Dib was in awe when he saw the flashing lights and herd the loud music, but what astonished him the most, was his date, sitting on the sidelines, waiting for him, wearing a beautiful dress, that resembled the ocean...

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