Chapter 1: Mighty Zim and His Wedgie-Mobile

Deep down on Planet Earth... in the most farthest place to locate...

...The unthinkable has happened.

Skool. One of the most terrible places to be on Earth. But a terrible radioactive accident has occured, and the humans are now enslaved. The playground is now a factory made from rusty metal and pipes. The humans have been turned to stone. But some are now slaves to... HIM.

Suddenly, a large tank appears out of nowhere. Out pops a small green alien with red eyes and antennae. His name was... Powerful Overlord Suppreme. Otherwise known as Invader Zim. His laughing was heard from miles across the world.

Suddenly, two children appear out of the crowd appear in front of Zim. The first had a spiky hairstyle, glasses, and a big head. The second one was a girl with purple hair, a skull locket, and tears flowing from her? eyes, as well as the boy. Their names were Dib and Gaz, brother and sister.

Dib: Please, Powerful Overlord Suppreme! Let us go!!!

Gaz: I promise I won't play my Game Slave again! I prosime!!!


The two continued to sob in deep pain and sorrow. Zim continued to chuckle maniacly.

Zim: I knew this day would come... GIR!!!

Suddenly, a small robot appeared from the tank's insides, bowing to his master.

Zim: GIR, activate The C.O.D.!

GIR: Yes, my master!!!

A giant cannon suddenly rose from the tank. The C.O.D. loaded up a pink ball of energy and... fired.


However, none of this stuff ever even happened. It was just a dream being thought by Invader Zim.

Zim: GIR! I had that dream again! You know, the " I killed Dib's monkey family!" dream!

GIR: Huh?

Zim: Nevermind.

Zim, in his " IRK RULES!" pajamas, walked over to one of the walls in his bedroom.

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