Invader Xayide

Name: Xayide (last name unknown)

Age: 30

Eye: Color Brown

Outfit: Grey long sleeve with black and green striped sleeves. Black jeans and boots.

Loves: Tallest Red, animals, machines, Music, and art.

Dislikes: Anyone whose mean to her friends and others she cares about.

Skills: A sound tech and artist. Uses sound waves for weapons. Also likes to do gene splicing.

Flaws: Clumsey, shy, and over emotional at times.

History: Xayide use to be a normal human till she got zapped into the IZ universe by GIR. Zim thinks she's a spy by Tak at first till they find out GIR teleported her by accident. Not still trusting her, he handcuffs her and presents her to the Tallests. They become curious about her and take her onto the Massive.

Character Story: Still WIP.

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