Invader Vanel is the Irken Persona of Vanellope Von Schweetz. She is extremly dangerous and claimed by Maria-Theresa to be very stupid, yet Vanel is quite smart. By her side is her SIR Unit, C.A.N.D.Y., who just might have a few plans of her own.


When in her first form, Vanel has antennae with candy in them, big brown eyes, a blueish-green suit, a Blue PAK, black gloves, Recess-colored pants, and black shoes. She is 2 feet taller then Vanellope and is the same height as Zim. When in her second form, she is the size of a building and has rows of sharps teeth. Her brown eyes now have red pupils and her fingers have ripped open her gloves. She has the ability to breathe fire or poison, maybe both at the same time.

Likely to say

"I have no idea who this " Vanellope" is!

Least Likely to say

" I love you all!"


  • World Conquest
  • Zim
  • Ms. Bitters
  • C.A.N.D.Y.
  • Embarrassing Those Around Her


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