Name: Nim
Nim and EBA

Nim and EBA

Age: 17 (Irken) 85 (Mistcoal)

Rank: Invader

Assinged to: Mistcoal

Species: Irken

Eye Color: Pink

Love Interest: Zim


Most Likely to Say: "This is fun!"

Least Likely to Say: "I hate you!"

Nim Blushing

Nim blushing.


Nim is a happy Irken. She would never hurt any living creature, making her a bad Invader in the Tallest's eyes. They still agreed to send her, as she was capable of destorying a planet. She is a very friendly person and loves meeting new people. She doesn't use her skills as an Invader and instead decides to use it to perform, earning money for charity. This caring personality is good for the universe, but one of Nim's flaws, which causes her to easily help a bad person without knowing it and fail at her job. She plans to form an alliance between Mistcoal and the Irkens.

Mistcoal with background

Another picture of a Mistcoal, with a background


She was assigned to Mistcoal along with her SIR Unit, EBA. She has treid to kill them with their weakness: Sugar. She couldn't b

An example of a Mistcoal

ecause of her kind personality. She has no disguise, since the Mistcoals are an extremely defenseless species. Because of this mission, Nim has to choose from her kind soul or helping the Irken Empire rule the universe, a thing she would never do as a child.


She grew up with Biorg. Her SIR, EBA, or Energetic Brave Appliance, is her best friend. She is an Invader. One of her dreams is to meet Zim. She likes all people. As a child, despite her good grades, Nim hated the Academy. She wanted to befriend living creatures, not kill them. After she left, she decided to use her talents for performing. She used the money she earned the help sick or poor Irkens. Later, she decided to become an Invader. She was assigned to Mistcoal.

(Did I mention she likes living creatures yet? XD)

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