About content

Generally, as Invader Zim is a show targeted toward kids, the content on this wiki should be under PG-13. This means very little swearing (no offensive terms like n*gger, wh*re, sl*t), nothing extremely violent/gory, and sexual ideas are low (kissing is okay). Photos for shippings run along the same lines, same-sex or not: nothing terribly dirty. Photos that do not adhere to this will be removed from pages and deleted, along with a warning delivered to whoever uploaded it. If you continue to upload inappropriate photos, you will be blocked.

About same-sex ships

As with most fanbases, you're going to run into a homosexual (or any other that aren't heterosexual) ships here, like ZADR or TAGR. It's okay to like/dislike these ships; that said, please do not bash others because of their opinions. We are an open-minded community here and welcome all shapes and sizes, ethnicities and orientations. If you do bash someone, you will be warned. If you continue, you will be blocked.

About Mary Sues

This isn't really a policy, but sometimes it's hard to tell if your character is a Mary Sue. If you think your character might be a Mary Sue, try this test. When you're done with the test and your score's a bit high, it's not the end of the world; you might have filled it out incorrectly, or, your character simply needs some adjusting.

About your user page

Personal-use images are okay for your user page and talk page, but you may not use them anywhere else unless it relates to the story. If you violate this, you will be warned and then blocked, if you continue.

About Chat

The same rules apply for the content, no cussing, nothing to sexual, and nothing too violent/gory. Absolutely no spamming of any type. While on chat we are to listen to what others have to say and keep any harmful feelings to yourself. No sending links to other chats or wikis unless they are approved by a chatmoderator or admin. If you break one of this rules you will be warned three times if you persist you will be kicked, if you come back and continue you will then be banned from chat, the time progressing each offense. 

About Banned/Blocked Users

There will be those who are blocked and or banned from certain areas on the wiki, please do not speak of them during this time frame unless it is urgent. If you do speak of the blocked/banned you will be warned, if you continue you will be blocked. 

About anything else

If you are having a problem or just a question in general, ask one of our lovely administrators, who are always willing to help.

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