Once again being chased, he leapt into the road. Zim wasn't really worried anymore, since Dib always failed. The challenge had been lost, and he didn't have much entertainment. A violet-haired girl walked up to them. "Insanity." she muttered. "I hate it." Dib turned around. "Gaz....He...He's taking over the world!" Gaz sighed. "No he's not, Dib." She went back to her gaming device. "Shut up. I'm trying to play."

"I can't believe she hates insanity! She knows I'm not crazy! Why would she still think I'm insane?" Dib complained as he and the alien walked to Skool together. "Hey, why are we walking together?" asked Zim. "Um...AH!" The boy ran away from Zim. "He sounds like he's from a book," Zim said to himself. "I heard that!" Dib called.

At lunch, Dib enjoyed throwing food at Zim, while Gaz was secretly laughing, but hiding it by looking annoyed. Zim stumbled as a cookie slammed into his eye. He held it up in front of the class. "Who threw this....rotten orange at Zim?!" Gaz laughed. "He's so insane...." "That's a cookie!" Poonchy told him. The class laughed. Zim screamed and ran outside.

He banged a fist on the ground. "Ow!" he exclaimed, and rubbed his hand. Gaz stepped out. "Hey, I've got to admit, you were pretty funny out there." Zim smiled "Zim is the master of comedy." Gaz laughed. "Insanity..." "I thought you said you hated insanity." Zim replied. "Yeah, but your insanity is good, funny. I like it." She pulled him into a hug. Zim hugged back. "Now get off me." she muttered. Then they walked back to class laughing.

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