I sat at the lunchroom table...alone as usual,thinking bout nothing (I know how is that possible).I laid my head down on my arms which were folded over a SAZR drawing,a daily head ache was coming.I had to ask him....a had to...but how? He was moving away at the end of the semester,which was almost over(Ugh) and i wanted some time alone with him,yet....every time i tried to talk when near him....i choke on air.I planned to ask him if...he'd like to come to Pizza hut with me.Of coarse my nosey parents would be there(*Rolls eyes*).But....i hope out of sight.I wanted to ask him,but i couldn't find him---.I was snaped out of my thoughts by a tap on the shoulder and something brushed my jacket.I looked up to see him looking at me,smiling as always.My heart skipped a beat and lept into my throat.My mind raced,but only one question came out. "Hey um....would you like to come to Pizza hut wit me,round 6?" My brain went dead.Did i just ask that?I watch for a reaction,seconds seemed like hours.Then finally,he answered. "Yeah,sure i'll come." I could have swore i stoped breathing. "O-ok,thank you!" I said to him.We huged and he got up and went to his usual place.My stomach flipped.Did he just agree?Of coaurse he did! All that day,i smiled.Nothing and i mean NOTHING could ruin that day,or let alone this week for me.

You are not alone Zeel, we all care for you. If you ever are feeling bad, just come talk to us, and we'll make it better.

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