She has long brown hair, with a haircurl on top of her head, and pink eyes. She wears a shirt similar to a short-sleeved Japanese sailor suit top, a long light blue skirt, back dress shoes, and sky blue cross earrings. They aren't meant to represent the Christian cross at all, but instead to represent the pale blue cross on the Finnish flag.

My Five Nordic Characters

Ieva is the first character, with her name printed above her in white and blue.


She is harsh and inconsiderate, and rarely ever even thinks to take other peoples's feelings into consideration. She always carries an axe and a knife around with her, just in case someone attacks her or she feels like attacking someone. She is often times very violent. She has a very dark air about her, and occasionally people find her aura a bit overwhelming. The only thing that can calm her down when she is really upset is folk music, mainly Finnish and Estonian folk music.


  • She makes judgements based on how a person looks, and based on gender.
  • She was originally going to be calm and mellow, but I decided she'd be more fun the way she is now.
  • She is the only one of my charcters whom is asexual.
  • She is my fourth Nordic character.
  • On days that she calms down and doesn't really feel like being mean or harsh or violent, she wears a traditional Finnish outfit.

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