Author's Note:I don't know why i put Ecard in this....but i ya...and yes i was listening to this song when typing this.....and im in one of those happy/sad moods this morning so....enjoy....


Idas stood at a dull grey head stone,the cold wind blew hard.

" A boy fight for freedmon, but dies for the peace"

She sang out, standing at the lonly grave.

"In the doubts he waits for an answear, but there's none really."

Idas looked down at the name on the grave marker.

" Its strange here with out you, and its so hard to see, so brother up in heaven....please wait up for me...oh brother up in heaven, please wait up for me."

She looked away from the stone before her, marking the grave of her dear brother.

A new voice joined in, startling Idas.

"I still see his shadow, his laugh lingers on...when I dream, we are back together, but I wake...its gone..."

Idas spun around to see Mas standing there, wearing her purple hoodie and a scarf pulled up around her neck.Idas sang once more.

" Its strange here without you,this was not ment to be,so, brother up in heaven..... "

She paused a moment then both girls sang in unison.

" Please wait up for me."

Just then a stong male voice joined the two girls.

"And though we try to change the world. a flower when it's cut will surely die. So why do men with so much hate, destroy what that can not create, while we all stand by...?"

The two turned to see Ecard standing there, some what smiling at them.

Idas turned away for a moment.

Mas and Ecard broke the silence.

" We look back in anger,but you helped us to see..."

They paused,looking at Idas,then they all sang the last line.

" So brother up in heaven,please wait for me"

Ecard and Mas stoped,but Idas continued.

" Oh brother up in heaven,please wait up for me..."

Idas and Mas looked up as two siloetes passes by them.

They both smiled and walked away with Ecard. Idas turned with a small smile.

"I love you big bro...."

She muttered,she turned and followed her friends.

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