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Idas's new look.Wings and all


Race:Nega Irken

Height:A little taller than Sadi


Fav color:Black and grey

Love intrest:Ecard


Idas is relitivly nice and kind unless she's mad or hungry.Being that she's made of Sadi's insanity,Idas tends to have bouts of crazyness,in which she will kill or serverly harm the nearest irken/human and doesn't remember afterards.She loves messing with Mas and Drace by pranking them or by some other means.She can be really crazy and random at times and is easily distraced. Idas loves Ecard more than thats a first.


Ecard:Idas loves Ecard more than life and killing,which is a first because she's never been that close to anyone since her older brother was killed.Idas would give her own life to protect Ecard.

Rammi:She enjoys watching Sadi pester him by calling him Egg Roll,or saying that he's an Egg Roll.Idas and Rammi are over-all pretty good friends,they both enjoy talking bout their kills sometimes.Yet they have a rather strong friendship like bond.

Drace:Idas is ok friends with Drace being that he looks so much like Ecard.She does -to a degree- make Drace somewhat nervouse being that she's even more sadistic than Sadi.

Mas:Idas and Mas share the fact that they've both lost their brothers,and through that they've become somewhat friends,though Idas does tend to get on Mas's nerves(You know how Sammy!XD)

(More to come soon)


InSaNiTy Idas

Wow this turned out better than i thought XDD

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