The wind blew. The footsteps of a young Irken echoed through the woods. The crunching of the leaves under her feet were the only things you could hear other than the wind, the footsteps, and her heavy breathing.

She knew it was coming. She knew her time was near. She knew that there was no fighting it. But she kept running anyway, as there was a hint  of hope in her eyes that she could escape this cannibalistic creature.

It was gaining. She could hear it. She was growing tired, but she knew that if she stopped now, there would be no escape. So she kept running. Running. Hoping she could escape this nightmare.

She turned around as she ran. She couldn't see the creature, but she knew it was close behind. She kept running. She had a daughter, a boyfriend, friends, even a creator who she loved dearly.

Then, in the distance, as she thought all hope was lost, she saw a shed, a tiny shed,  but big enough to take cover in. She turned around. No sign of the creature. But she knew it was close. She ran straight to the shed.

Running behind it, she sat down, catching her breath before resuming the chase. Sweat dripped from her face as she breathed heavily. But the nightmare wasn't over. Not yet. She turned around, no sign of the creature. Just as she turned around, she saw it. The creature--Who was actually a girl--. The lightning-antennaed Irken screamed, as the creature lunged at her.

Her final, screaming cries echoed through the woods, as the creature proweled off, to find her next victim.

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