IMG 1133

Walking the Dog By: JackFreak1994

Hidden Feelings

Warning: ZAGR

I fell for him the moment that he shoved him, he pushed my older brother, who thinks that the other boy is doing wrong. When my family ignores me, he the only one who notices that I'm feeling alone.

My brother hates him, but why should I care? What difference does his opinion make?

I've always liked him... but I can't let him know that.

IMG 1211

Chilly Days With My Love-Pig By: JackFreak1994

IMG 1241

More Kisses for My Little Gaz By: JackFreak1994

IMG 1231

The Kissing Booth By: JackFreak1994

IMG 1205

Come With Me By: JackFreak1994

He tourtures my brother every day, it makes me happy to see Dib in such pain.

Zim tries to impress me daily by doing things, such as, kissing me, holding my hand, carrying me while I play my game, offering me to come with him in his spaceship, keeping me close when I'm cold, and once he even put up a kissing booth saying, Free! Gaz ONLY! My brother hated that...

I always try to hide my feelings for him, but somehow he can tell and won't take no for an answer. Every once in a while I show my feelings for him by accepting, (Or giving), kisses and giving him a gift or two.

I hate all my nice, warm, fuzzy feelings I get when I'm around him.

He gets jealous whenever someone else tries to win me over, but my heart does not belong to anyone else but him...

Romeo and Juliet, that's what this is like... and he's my Romeo.

I detest all sweet, pleasant, happy, feelings. But maybe... just this once... I'll let him know how I feel.

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