Her brother is the one I despise, and yet she is nothing like him...

She causes destruction and fear with every step, one look from her amber eyes will make you crumble and cower in fear, she will break any limbs or remove them painfully, (the last portion I'm not completely sure about, but she has threatened as much, and I am in no position to accuse her of lying.), and anyone who gets in her way will be severely eliminated. Doesn't she just make your sqeedly-spooch pulsate? No? Well, you're a pathetic Earthenoid, of course you wouldn't understand.

I don't know why I'm confiding in you, human, but I just felt I would burst like it was an Equinox if I didn't tell anyone; never before had I encountered any earth creature that could possibly be almost as incredible as I am. I say almost, since, of course, no one can surpass the might of the all-powerful Zim.

I've watched her through windows and doorways, around corners, and across rooms, any way I could, admiring her intimidating and forceful personality all the while. She's caused so much mayhem, and it amazes me. She possesses an almost frightening beauty, don't you think? ...Once again, human worm baby, you would not understand.

Ah, how I love her so... I'm ashamed to admit I actually managed to stoop as low as you pitiful worms and develop feelings, but I cannot hide my affections for her. I would do anything for her, I've withstood countless amounts of pain just to stay by her side. She thinks that her harsh behavior will drive me away, but it only makes me long for her to be mine. Have her rule this planet with me, her hand in mine. Romantic, yes? I thought so too.

I know she loves me too, after all, it is impossible to resist the charm of Zim, nobody ever has and nobody will... (Tak was insane with revenge, she doesn't count on the charm-resistance scale.)

She has kissed me on several occasions, and how wonderful it felt. Like when the Tallest said I was their best invader. (Yes, I know they haven't told me that, but they've thought it.)

She's my wonderful love-pig, the Dib sister, and Dib hates me even more for being with her. It makes me happy to see how much it angers him when I hold her hand. Or attempt to, anyway, typically she will dislocate my shoulder if I try.

I may lose my position as an Invader for falling for such an inferior species, but I've seemed to lose all interest in ranking when I'm by her side. Love is love, and there is no force in this galaxy, that will be able to tear me away from my little Gaz human.

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