Name: Helena

Species: Human

Height: Same as Faybien

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Style: Messy;Long

Symbol: Bone

Favorite Color: Light blue

Age: Unknown

Birthday: December 23

Love Interest: Faybien

Most Likely to Say: "Oh, what fun this is!"

Least Likely to Say: "Oh, this is just dreadful..."

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance

She is skeletal entirely, but she still retains her blue eyes, and her hair color had faded to white. She wears a moth-eaten, torn wedding dress, and a veil to match. She has a small bouquet of flowers that are shriveled and dead. Part of her ribcage can be seen on her chest.


Helena is dead. She was murdered on her wedding night, and left for dead. When she awoke, she was surrounded by people she didn't recognize, she then realized her heart had stopped. Although, she didn't mind so much, she was quite happy among the dead, they were actually very lively. Then she fell in love, with one of the living...



Faybien was taking a stroll through a cemetery, no particular reason in mind, he just wanted to walk. Then he saw it, a rustle come from one of the stones. Instinctively, he hid, and watched in utter shock as Helena rose from her grave. She looked at him, and smiled. She didn't seem to notice their differences, but beneath her friendly smile, she almost felt her heart beat again, just for the living boy in the graveyard...


Helena is a light spirit. She almost is always smiling and laughing. She loves the moonlight, and nighttime. Helena swore after being taken from the one she loved, she would never love again, but that quickly changed after seeing Faybien. She will always try to see positive, and she can get rather emotional sometimes.


  • She is based off of Emily, from Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride".
  • She likes to read in her spare time.
  • In reality, she is over thirty years old, but her form never ages, due to her being dead, so her body remains thirteen.
  • She loves black widow spiders, crows, ravens, wolves, and black cats.

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