Yep, first attempt at a horror story, and a pretty crappy one at that, but, I hope you like it



"N-No! Stay away!"

Coming to find you...

"Please! Leave me alone!"

Coming to find you, Zaydia...

Zay ran through the darkness, her dim globe her only source of light, two narrow walls on either side of her; she could barely see where she was going, frankly she didn't care, all she knew was that she had to get away.

She couldn't remember how she got here, she didn't even know why this...Whatever it is, was chasing her, but she could feel that it wasn't going to help her.

"Stay away from me!" She screamed before she tripped over something. "No! No, I've got to keep moving!"

She could hear a low hiss from behind, closer than she thought originally.

She shrieked and scrambled to her feet, and dashed away, not caring how tired she already was.

"Please don't let it get me! Please!"

Too late for prayers, Prey...

Tears of pure terror flowed down her face as she ran, thinking of all the people she'd never see again. Her boyfriend; her son and daughter; her best friend...

"There has to be a way out of here!" Zay felt like a little mouse, trapped in the hollow of a snake.

She continued to run forward, until she hit something, something directly in front of her.

She could feel her fear rising as she ran her hands over what she had hit.

A solid wall.

"No..." She trembled, "No!"

Zay was trapped, there was no room to move any direction but forward or backward, and with the wall in front of her, and the creature behind, there was no escape.

She wanted to cry out, but she knew it would do no good, there was no one around to hear her scream, even if there was, they couldn't save her in time.


Her light went out.

Shaking, she slowly turned around, staring off into blackness, trembling at the thought of the painful death surely to come.

She pinned herself again the wall as she saw two yellow eyes appear from the gloom.


Zay then did the only thing she could do. She screamed.

The last sound she ever made echoed through the dark...

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