Margaret was walking home with her sister Eileen. "You know, I think that boy Mil has a crush on you," she whispered. "Really? How d'you know?" she asked. "I heard him talking about it wile I was in his house," she said. "Oh, well," Margaret didn't know what to say about her sister's crazienesss. "Any thoughts, Margaret?" Eileen said. Margaret realized she'd been thinking. "Well," she began, "maybe he's not as stupid as we think he his." She smiled. If Mil liked her, well, she was okay with it. I mean, what couold happed? A couple of kids might tease her, sure. But she didn't mind a bit of teasing. "Margaret! I think you liiiiiike him!" Eileen was grinning like someone just told her an awesome secret.

"Well, maybe I do."

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