Chapter one:The Old House

"Yippee! We're lost!" Leah yipped,running in a circle around DSM and Tar as the walked.DSM sighed. "Remind me again how we got lost?" She asked,sticking out her foot.Leah tripped and landed face first. "Yay dirt!!!" Leah said,her voice muffled.Tar facpalmed and kept walking with DSM followed him.Leah jumped up to join them."Oooooo! Looky! A house!" Leah squeaked,running ahead alittle.The house looked old and ragged,the hinges were rusted and the now browned with age and rot,shudders barely hung on.DSM and Tar quickly walk up next to Leah,who was now standing at the door.The charcoal eyed irken steped back to examine the outside of the house,as if unsure weather or not the floor would cave in.Tar noded to DSM to come on."Don't worry DSM,the floor's just fine.It won't cave in." He said,giving her a bright smile.DSM blushed slightly and joined him on the pourch.Leah turned the door knob and it slowly creacked open."Some how.....I have a bad feeling bout this...." DSM spoke softly,sweeping her eyes round the room.There where two sets of steps,both sweeping upward to a landing with a door way.Below the landing was another door way,and beside that was a grey,stone statue of a Cubone.

It's.....staring at me

Leah walked up tp the statue,looking it over.Then her eyes met with the stone Cubone's lifeless ones.It felt as though it were burning holes through her eyesockets.She backed away,bumping into DSM."Hey!"She yipped.Leah looked at the stone Cubone. "'s staring at me!!! Waaaaa.....ok im done." She said,turning back to the stairs. "Let's go up the ones on the right! No! the left! Waaaa! I can't make up mah mindah!" She wailed.DSM punched Leah's arm to get her to shut-up." Yay! Pain!" Leah said,holding her shoulder.Tar's antenneas twitched."They both go to the same landing."Tar could sence his surroundings just fine here.DSM turned to Tar."Any idea what's on the landing"She asked him,just a hint of undetectable fear in her voice.Tar moved his antenneas upward,towards the landing.He made a mental image of what all was up there,and alittle beyond the landing.He finally spoke after a few minutes,"There's a doorway that leads to a hall,four other doorways,that lead into smaller rooms....beyond that i don't know."DSM nodded and drug Leah up the stairs by her wrists."Y-eah! M-oore P-ain!"

(No worries readerz! More shall be put up! I dun have much time right now,but stay tuned! >:D)

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