Wow... I finally made something about Gabe! XD)

Name: Gabe

Age: 12 (Same as Cece)

Gender: Male

Family: Cece (Twin)

Race: Half-human half-Irken

Love interest: Non


Gabe is always crazy and looking for fun. People call him "Cute" and many other things that he doesnt like being called, but keeps it inside just in case it hurts someone's feelings. He may seem annoying, crazy, dumb and what not, but when it comes to family and friends, he's nothing like that, he changes as soon as you bring it up. He tries to keep Cece safe and everyone else, and is always happy to help... as long as he's not crazy...


Gabe wears a yellow jumper with a "Silly Face" on it, which is orange, and black lines at the ends of his jumper. He also wears dark orange jeans with a chain at the side, and white tennis shoes. He's hair is black with long antennas, and he has a cream color skin. Sometimes, Gabe wears a white hat with his "Silly Face" on it, which is orange.


  • Fun fact #1) Gabe and Cece was my first two OC's from IZ, and were originally ZADR children. 
  • I first made Gabe as a baby, along with Cece. 
  • I wanted to delete Gabe for reasons. But ended up keeping him.

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