Future Zim is Zim from the year 2059. After finding out his mission is a fake, Zim brutally kills the Tallest, losing some body parts while doing it. However, in the future, Zim has to save his family, Future Gaz, Future GIRMid, Jis, and the world from Future Dib and Future Tak, who are also married.


He has a cannon for a hand, a robotic eye, a mechanical left leg, and is 7.9, which makes him the new Tallest. He now wears a cape like vampire's wear. The end of his antennae are now shaped like knives or daggers of some kind. Finally, he is extremly clever and cunning, making him more dangerous than he was.


When in the field of combat, Future Zim can be dangerous and cunning, making him hard to kill. When with his family, he is a caring and loving father and husband, although he can be strict sometimes, but only because he wants to his kids, Mid and Jiz, to be safe. He only takes Future GIR into battle and pilots the an upgraded Voot Cruiser or the Massive. He also has a sarcastic side. When you combine all of that, Future Zim is war general kind of Irken.


Your me? From they year 2002? Wow, I must've had too much salad last night.

When going to the field of battle, you have to be quick, cunning, and always alert. It's either that or die.

No, it's Bloaty's Pizza Hog. YES, IT'S ME, YOU IDIOT!

Two Zims', two Dibs. This could get interesting.

Honey, I'm sorry you got fired! Look, you can work at Gamey Game Gamestore!

Zim... your annoying my children.

I will NEVER be like the Tallest! They were liars and monsters!

Kids, you can't go fight them. You're too young and it's too dangerous.

GIR! Give me... The Massive!

No goodbyes, past me! We will see each other again!

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