Future Gaz is Gaz Membrane from the year 2059. She is the wife of Future Zim, the mother of Mid and Jis, the sister to Dib Membrane, and worker at Bloaty's Pizza Hog 2.0.


When in normal clothes, Gaz is same height as Future Zim, wears a long black dress/pants, has a skull locket like her past self, and long purple hair with a pigtail in the back. She is a loving and strict mother. She used to work at the future's Bloaty's Pizza Hog, but was fired and now works at the Gamey Game Gamestore. Her evil nature and temper have lowered since she grew up, making her less dangerous than she was. If you combine all of those, Future Gaz is sweet and caring mother who still has a bit of a temper.


Thanks to you, I lost my job at Bloaty's. And now no other place is up for hire!

Kids, please stay inside! And no going into Daddy's lab!

Another me? Well, I'll be!

Well, due to Dib's insane mind, connecting two crazy minds only means doom.

ENOUGH, DIB! You've gone too far!

If you say Dib's head is big, prepare to land in the graveyard.

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