Cold beads of sweat rolled down her neck as she frantically punched in the password. Six times she had tried, but alas, no luck. She decided to try one more time, and finally, the door began to open. Yes, open....Very....Slowly...The guards footsteps clopped heavily as he neared the flustered girl. She could not wait any longer, she thought, she needed to leave, NOW. Right before the guard stepped into the corridor, the girl slipped into the small opening the door had created, and ran for the ladder that lead to the upper ground. The guard spotted her and kicked in the rusted doors. She climbed desperately up the ladder while the guard waved his weapon at her. Climbing up higher, she pushed a big red button that opened the doorway to the world. Unlike the door before, this door opened swiftly. Almost as quick as the girl who jumped through. As she came out, her eyes widened in awe as she saw the vast city around her. The building scraped against the magenta sky, and the ships hovered stealthily over the endless black roads. The girl could imagine herself standing there in awe, but these thoughts were quickly broken as she could here the guard climbing up the ladder. She began to run. Running swiftly passed people, with no other thought but escape. But she could here the guard's heavy boots, hot on her trail. Then, her adrenaline kicked into gear. Her heart went into hyper drive. Blood pumped into her veins as she ran faster and faster, her muscles becoming fatigued. But she couldn't slow down, not until she knew for sure that she had escaped the guard.

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