Warning: GAGR! Don't like, don't read.

The rain poured on the Earth around me, soaking my clothes and hair. I looked up at the dark sky, feeling the cold rain hit my face. I cursed under my breath for leaving my umbrella at home and at the lying weather man. Suddenly, I heard footprints coming behind me. I turned around slightly, seeing a certian silver robot.

"Here Gazzy!" I found this flower for you!"

I just kept on walking. I could hear the robot's mechanical foot prints fallow after me.

"Here Gazzy! Take it!"

I turned around to face GIR. "Go away, GIR."

The robot just continued to stand there, holding the poorly-picked flower in his hand. "But Gazzy, you still need to takez my flower!" he chirped, holding out the plant.

"Why should I?" my voice was hostile.

"Cuz I like you, that'z why!"

At first, I was utterly shocked. My amber eyes were wide open instead of it's usual squint, then, just like they got like that, they returned to normal. "Okay, is this some kind of joke, because I swear, if it is, I'll take you apart and put you back together with your head on backwards and your arms and legs in the wrong places."

GIR shook his head. "No joke, Gazzy. The robot flashed a large, bright smile at me.

I growled and took the flower from him. "Uh... thanks... I gues..."

GIR automatically brightened. "You're welcome, Gazzy! I gotta goz now, The Scary Monkey Show's on!" Two rockets popped out of the bottoms of his legs and clumsily flew away. I held the flower and watched him fly away.

I growled and walked the rest of the way home. "Crazy robot." I growled, opening the door to my house.

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